Loving Lately

A fashion forward fox with a cup of tea, granola crusted nuts, indie playlists by West Elm, The Love Hate Shop, and having the New York Public Library all to yourself....things I'm loving lately.

1. Creature Comforts does these sweet little illustrations with different animals & the outfits they've chosen for the day. This one is called Outfit Inspiration: Audrey Enjoys Her Cup of Tea. You can't tell from my tiny screen grab, but you can see the details of her outfit are all described right down to the store she got them from...(strappy heels from Zara in this case). Not only that, but you can buy prints of them from her store. My mouse was hovered over the buy button just now...but I'll have to save that impulse purchase for a rainy day. Here's another: Anteater Penelope & Her Cozy Travel Wear...she's even holding a little box of chocolate ants. Seriously adorable, would you agree?

2. You know that my homemade granola addiction is still in full swing...so I'm often drawn to recipes that give a new spin on my old favourite. Deb shares her recipe for granola crusted nuts at Smitten Kitchen.  If you're not into chocolate ants, I think these would be an awesome travel snack :)

3. West Elm's blog Front & Main has a whole category devoted to playlists...as chosen by their contributing photographers & other various creatives. When I'm in a completely indecisive mood I just love having music chosen for me...random indie tracks that I never would come across on my own...so I'm a regular subscriber to these via Spotify.

4.  Remember the tights in tins I was telling you about? They come from The Love Hate Shop, who as it turns out does much more than just cute tights...like these mismatched enamel hair slides. Based on seeing the tins first hand, I think it's a fair assumption that anything you buy from here is going to come in gorgeous packaging....love.

5. We booked a photographer to capture us for one afternoon in New York as our anniversary present to each other....eeek! Since choosing Caroline Frost, I've been browsing her blog archives (only slightly obsessively ;) and I found this amazing shoot in the New York Public Library. Can you imagine getting a permit to have the whole library to yourselves for an hour? That's what this couple decided to do...both being lawyers and having spent hours doing research in the library together...that's how they met. I think I'd be most excited as the photographer...I love taking photos of interiors and buildings but someplace like this, you would never get a clear shot without others in the background...what an amazing opportunity.

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