The Woodsfolk

In which a Blues & a Richmond supporter find themselves stopping off in the suburb of Hawthorn on the way to the football...because the third road tripper (aka me!) has to see this gorgeous store that she knows she's going to fall in love with. She did :)

If there's anything better than a road's knowing that the first stop is going to be somewhere you've been waiting to visit for ages. I managed to convince the footy fans in the car that a detour via Hawthorn on the way into the city for the game would be worth it...and that's how I ended up at The Woodsfolk.

I knew based on the pictures I'd seen on Instagram (and that interview) that The Woodsfolk and I were meant to be.  I always get this feeling when I step through the door of somewhere that I instantly love...firstly overwhelmed and a bit dizzy with all of the eye I do a frenzied lap to try and take it all in as a whole. Then, I go back for a second lap to take's during this stage that the people who have come with me may try and have a conversation but it's not really worth it because I wont hear them until the third trip around the store.  (sorry about that guys!)

Third time around I zero in on the details: ...the tiny pom pom garlands....the little brown and pink duffel coats with bunny ears...the exact iPhone cover that I've been coveting from afar...Megan Morton's book in person...coral tights in tin boxes...the sweet wooden iPad cover where you enter your mailing list details...the vintage suitcases and metal signage way up above eye level....painted wooden spoons...teensy felt you get the sense I could go on? :)

I'm sure the shop assistant is thinking by this stage...she's walked past that chevron latte cup twice already and she's back for a third look?! :)  We only had a short amount of time so I think we did pretty well for an express visit before we hit the city....and I picked out a birthday present for myself whilst I was there...hurry up August! One thing I know for sure is I will definitely be back.

You will find them at 39 Church Street, Hawthorn...but if you're not in or near Melbourne I'm pretty sure you're going to love shopping online at Down To The Woods :) Don't forget to add them to your blog'll be so glad you did!

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