Loving Lately

Timber iPhone covers, Laura Blythman, Matt Bite's amazing food stylist prop collection, a great online store for stationery/design nuts like me...and a paper installation like no other...oh and a video that can't be missed if you love dogs like me! All things I'm loving lately...

1. How gorgeous are these iPhone covers (made from timber) available via A Skulk of Foxes?  Remember how I said I find it really hard to stick with one case for long? Well, once I stumbled across this one by Laura Blythman (who should be a `Loving Lately' pick of her own!)...well my heart may have skipped a teensy bit. Seriously...smitten.

2. Speaking of skipping heartbeats...I found this tour of Matt Bites' prop studio . I love the idea of collecting surfaces & napery...old interesting utensils...stacks of aged books and glassware. Knowing the time it takes me to find these things for myself, the sheer size & variety in this prop collection is amazing. I mean who has a surface library?! I wish! It's how I imagine Donna Hay's stylist/prop room to be...except a bit more eclectic :)

3. Online store Nation State. ..just a great place to find notebooks, pens/pencils, tapes/stamps (i.e. the stationery geeks are covered from the get go)...plus extras like accessories for laptops and smartphones. I'm a big fan of Frankie Press, Rob Ryan, Cavallini & anything Pantone...so if you're thinking along the same lines you'll probably enjoy browsing like me.

4. I saw this property on Desire to Inspire ages ago and it jumped out at me for one reason: there's a staircase inside that features `leaves of paper' that look as if they're floating down from top to bottom floor....except they're not paper...they're suspended...and they have text etched into them...and it just looks freaking amazing.  It reminded me of a scene in Dead Poets Society...maybe there's some Thoreau in there somewhere.  Worth scrolling down to the staircase photos...the whole apartment is pretty gorgeous really.

Lastly...this video may be old school...but it never fails to make me smile. Dogs really are just the best :)

Design Resources: Traveling Typewriter font, Project Life Clementine numbers, CD Muckosky dividers, Love Elsie KI Scribbles stamp (both of which don't seem to be available anymore sorry!)