I'd like to explore your portfolio.


Whether you're after written or visual content to tell the story of you and your brand, I would love to collaborate with you!
Feel free to click through examples of past projects below, and get in touch if you'd like to create something together.


written content

I have had five years experience with lifestyle, tourism, travel and food writing. My absolute favourite thing is using my writing to help people discover the creatives that I've crossed paths with. Whether that be in the form of published articles or writing an epic "About" page for their website, I'd love to help.  Compelling copy that readers can identify with, and absorb quickly is essential in a world of information snacking. 


COllaboration & brands

I've had an amazing time meeting the people behind these brands, and collaborating on content for various projects along the way. From social media content to surface pattern design, brands include Edwards Providore, Techno Bird, Hannah Macauley, Talking Red, Bendigo Magazine, GRAM Magazine, and A Maker's Burrow. Are you thinking of reaching out? I'd love to hear from you.


visual content

Storytelling with visual content is my jam, both for other brands and for myself. The combination of traditional and digital media (illustration, "organic" hand-held style video, photography, and stop motion animation) mean the possibilities of how to tell YOUR story are endless. I love to experiment on my own Instagram feed and create content for others. My illustrations have been used in logo design, surface pattern design and animation.


Travel & Product Photography...

Food Photography...


This is a small sample of two favourite videos I've created for clients. To watch more, click through for more.