I’d like to explore creating GIF Stickers…


You are here because, whilst you have your basic branding sorted (think logo, website, an instagram account), you want something more to bring your branding to life. You know there’s a lot of noise out there. You’re looking for something to set you apart from the rest, something that not only attracts your customer but gives them (and you!) something to watch or play with. That sugary little moment where they think “I love that!”.…and then they tag a friend or click that link for more. Introducing GIF stickers. Like sprinkles to a doughnut, they’re that extra layer of colour and fun that makes you want the doughnut. But above all else, they are the perfect way to attract and engage with your audience. All of this goodness bundled up into little pops of simple-but-sweet animation that represent you and your brand.


  • They are constantly moving teeny tiny animations used in social media to add extra expression / humour / movement to posts on social media channels like Instagram Stories. They appear on the worldwide public platform known as GIPHY. There are other platforms where GIFs live, but this once feeds straight into Instagram stories. This means the GIF we design together will be available to the world via Instagram. You can also download and use GIFs from the GIPHY app on your phone.


  • Picture your product arriving in the mail, and them posting a photo of it being unwrapped…they add stickers to share their excitement about a parcel from you / their appreciation of your cute packaging / their love for the product as they’re a repeat customer…they want to share these emotions in the moment with their followers.

  • Maybe you’re a cafe and people are snapping photos of their lattes…as they do! They can add a sticker with a funny coffee quote that includes your branding, a sticker about them being a coffee addict and how they love your cafe and coffee the best, a message to their followers about how any day that starts with a coffee from you is going to be a good day….with a sticker!

  • Launching an online course or an “in real life” business retreat? The same way you want your attendees to use the official hashtag for the event is the way they will want to use your official GIF stickers. To share how much fun they’re having, how much they’re learning, the friends they’re making…all accented with cute interactive stickers with the event branding on them…being shared with all of their followers…who just might be interested in what you have to offer them too.

How would I use them MYSELF?

  • All of the above but from a behind the scenes perspective. Here’s a cute package about to be posted to our clients. Here’s our barista using her epic “latte art” skills. Here’s us setting up to present for day 3 of our yearly conference! Everyone knows that behind-the-scenes content is magic for brands on social media, and GIF stickers will take yours to the next level.

  • Add them to your newsletters, website, online learning content etc.

  • Use them in actual social media posts on your grid or in your feed…they’re not just limited to Instagram and Facebook stories!

Tell me about your gif sticker collection package!

What will you get when you book me to create you a GIF sticker collection?

  • 5 GIF stickers designed, illustrated and animated by me

  • We could also incorporate existing designs your might already have depending on their format, or re-draw them to make them compatible…and then add animations

  • A custom search term so your followers can easily find them in Instagram stories

  • Bonus: Not only will your GIFs be uploaded to the worldwide Instagram GIPHY platform, you also get the original GIF files to use on your website or in your newsletter, for keeps

  • Bonus: access to my client library of how-to videos for adding text to video + how to post video to your Instagram grid whilst keeping the thumbnails looking pretty

  • For all of the above, the base package, pricing starts at $250

  • Optional Extra: if you want less movement in the GIFs for your website / newsletter / online learning content we can create a second set with added stillness built in. Outside of social media, some clients like the GIFs to move just enough to draw attention, then sit still for a bit so as not to distract from your customer reading that paragraph of your newsletter for example. Constant movement is perfect for social media but moments where your eyes can “rest” are perfect for other content.

  • Optional Extra: more than 5 GIF stickers? We can create more!

  • Optional Extra: The original high res (aka best quality) animated GIF’s inbuilt into ready-to-post social media templates. For example, first you might want a video that shows all the GIFs in your collection to announce to your followers that the GIF collection is live and ready for them to use. Then you might want a video file with each animation front and centre, full sized. Perhaps you love posting memes/announcements…you might want videos with lots of white space ready for your to overlay text, with the animation as the accent in the bottom corner. All doable as optional extras!

  • Optional Extra: Want to sit down with me and your finished GIF collection and get a rundown on how to use them and your social media templates? Let’s talk :)

  • The base package + optional extras starts at $350, all depending on which optional extras you choose.

What’s next?

Whether you know exactly what you want, or if you want me to guide you through deciding what you want…the next step is filling out the form below so I can get in touch with you! You might be overwhelmed with all of the information, or perhaps you’re already a pro at using GIF stickers yourself so you have your game plan ready. Either way, I’m excited to begin creating some amazing custom animations for your brand, that both you and your customers are going to love. Let’s do it!

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