Reading Lately in June

Some stunning blogs that have squeezed their way into my already crowded Feedly feeds. Three Aussies and one family from Nashville. Fashion photography, thrifting adventures, experimentation with pattern & mixed media in illustration, and an unusual way with words.  Perhaps you might find some new reads here too :)

Bleubird. I found out about this blog when I was trading new reads suggestions with Holly on Twitter (a graphic designer who lives for music & makes a great sandwich...she rocks!) I was drawn in by the name...Bleubird just looks beautiful in print. In short, a boy named Aubrey married a girl nicknamed James and this blog is about the lives of them and their four children exploring where they live...Nashville.  I may or may not have also been drawn in because I'm a little bit hooked on the TV show Nashville and wanted to see what real life is like there! The photography is gorgeous...they have many thrifting adventures...I like their food photography and I'm enjoying checking in with them everytime there's something new to read :)

Flapjack Melody. Another awesome name...and an equally awesome Aussie chick Laine Fraser. Laine is a designer &illustrator and Flapjack Melody is where she shares a design sketchbook of sorts.  I love the pops of colour combined with monochrome...and how she brings in pattern and mixed media to her sketches.  Damn I wish I could draw :) I look forward to her online store opening so I can pick out something for keeps!

The Road Is Home. The photography and adventures of Brisbane based (?) Nirrimi and her family could be described as bohemian-organic-gypsy-ish. I think what interests me is how she maintains this focus on her life, in addition to being a crazy successful fashion photographer (starting at a very young age) who jets off to places like New York and shoots campaigns for big names. I think the combination of both worlds is intriguing. She writes in a similar style to her dreamy photography...and zeroes in on details that kind've bring a scene into focus with her words. It's hard to describe, you'll know what I mean when you read some :)

The Orchard. Meghan is a stylist/designer/photographer of many lovely things, two of which are interiors and food. Now you know why she's one of my new at first feedly-subscription-click! Not only that, she's from Perth so her photography reminds me of being on holidays...always a good thing.  Even in her styling photos...there just seems to be room to breathe like visual whitespace somehow...I'm not sure how else to describe her style but she just does lovely so well. You should also add her to your Instagram feed...just sayin' :)


Be sure to let me know using the social media links below of any new reads you've been loving lately :)

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