Pilgrim coffee…where I found the most beautiful breakfast I’ve ever seen…where we discovered what all the raves were about…and how we fuelled ourselves for the first day of exploring Hobart.

As I’ve mentioned before, my brother-in-law takes his coffee seriously...and all we’ve heard about since their move to Hobart is how amazing Pilgrim is.  Needless to say, the anticipation was building and it was the first place we headed on Saturday morning.

The menu isn’t multi page…in fact it’s presented on a piece of wood…which made me wonder how often (and physically how) they change their menu options.  It’s not a typical café menu…but you don’t head to Pilgrim if all you’re after is a traditional Eggs Benny…the big breakfast is called the Hipster Breakfast and includes slow eggs, kassler and Mexican black beans. The choices are carefully considered, slightly edgy…and exactly what we were hoping for.

My breakfast was one of the prettiest I’ve ever had the privilege of tasting. Brioche French toast with lavender Pilgrim pot-pourri & violet anglaise. I wasn’t 100% sure what would be involved in the pot-pourri, and it literally looked like actual room fragrance pot-pourri at first glance. But looking closer there were thin pieces of dried strawberries, and other berries that looked exactly like petals…and nuts…and I don’t know what else but it all dissolved on my tongue quite deliciously. Garnished with real flowers, it was honestly just gorgeous.

The other option that jumped out at me was single origin cocoa waffles with salted caramel, fresh bananas and hazelnut cream, which looked so very tempting. Luke had the Placki “plat ski”…polish potato pancakes with kassler & a slow egg.

Loved the industrial/repurposed vibe…the brushed gold table tops, the dimmed corners…and the pop of turquoise with strung lighting at the entrance. We also spied several instances of Proud Mary…awesome.  Luke gets to go back to Hobart for a work trip soon and I have no doubt he’ll be hitting up Pilgrim again…I just wish I was there too.  A definite favourite we will return to.

Cinnamon chilli popcorn served with coffees

You'll find Pilgrim Coffee at 48 Argyle Street, Hobart Tasmania // Facebook // Twitter

Just created a new blog category for Tasmanian related posts...plenty more to come from my last trip, lots more trips in the future :) 

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