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Elliot My Dear and Macarons by Ruby...a dog called Simba...the gorgeous Store & Co...how I tried to fall in love with tea...and Salamanca Market.  Otherwise known as some of my favourite shopping finds from our recent trip to Hobart...except for Simba...he was happily attached to a very lucky owner :)

Top Left: Salamanca Market // Top Right: Elliot My Dear // Bottom: Macarons by Ruby

(Crash course on Hobart/Tasmania for those who might be reading from outside Australia. Tasmania is one of our states...about 240km south-east from the mainland. It's a collection of about 300 islands (but mainly one big one), 40% of the state is protected as national parks/reserves...some of the globe's rarest animals are found here...and it has some of the cleanest air in the world. In short, it's freaking beautiful...and full of amazing food, wine, history & stories. Hobart is the capital.)

So, for my birthday, my sister gave me a walking tour of her favourite shopping spots in Hobart...and a sweet little envelope that contained a handmade gift voucher...so I could choose something I loved from any store to bring home as my birthday present.
Now, it's been a long time since I shopped in Hobart. Luke and I went not long after we got married...which would be about ten years ago...and the only memory of shopping in the city I have is at Myer (department store)...and I really only remember standing in the doorway to get maximum exposure to those heaters that blast you as you walk inside. Mount Wellington is part of Hobart...aka it gets cold! I didn't go out of my way to seek out interesting indie finds back then (probably because I wasn't reading blogs!).  But luckily for me, this time I had a built in tour guide who has excellent shopping taste....and I knew the decision wasn't going to be easy :)

Salamanca Market is one of the popular attractions of the city...a big outdoor market that runs every Saturday at Salamanca Place.  There's about 300 stallholders and you will find everything from organic/gourmet foods....locally made arts & crafts...and everything in between.  The question should be, what can't you find at the market. It's the perfect place to pick up something to remember your trip by...and it's always fun to chat to the people who are selling their lovely handmade goodies. We also love all the dogs who come with their owners...and that the market is surrounded by gorgeous historic sandstone buildings. Many of these house cafes, restaurants, galleries and more artisan type stores that spill out into the edges of the market itself. 

I bought a scarf (that shed like a Golden Retriever!), a card from Elliot My Dear, a box of Macarons by Ruby...fell in love with The Maker...and coincidentally Luke fell in love with a dog called Simba along the way. You can find out more details about the market itself here.

Both photos from Store & Co.

This was hands down one of my favourite finds....Store & Co. So much to look at...every space in the store housed something beautiful and different...it really took a long time to absorb everything. As you can tell, when I can't get enough of somewhere, I take a LOT of photos. From book sculptures to clothing...jewellery to furniture and everything in between with some washi tape thrown in...what's not to love! This was one of the first places we went, and I ended up coming back for a Status Anxiety wallet that is so soft and almost snuggly...still smitten with it a month or so later!

More photos from Store & Co. 

We also shopped at: InsideFunky Homes and Wishbone. Many of these places have online stores, so if you're not collecting a list of places to visit in Hobart just yet, you can definitely pick up some lovely things online too :)

I also secretly hoped this might be the trip I suddenly became a tea drinker out of nowhere. Tasmania is a magical place...separate from the mainland of Australia...full of legends and crazy beautiful landscapes...mysteries and an amazing history. Surely this is the kind of place where tea and I would finally click and live happily ever after? My sister gave it a decent shot...she took me to T2 and brewed a lovely pot over breakfast the next day. But it wasn't to be...maybe next time...can't wait :)

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