Favourite Things Lately

A bag named after two Sues...hand printed textile designs...the snuggliest of scarves...a wheel of washi tape...Project Life mail...a floating house and the Manhattan Boroughs: some of my favourite things lately :)

I've been looking for ages for a slightly oversized tan bag with a tonne of pockets for travelling...if I can find my boarding pass or travel sickness tablets quickly, I get less stressed about flying :)  I don't know why it never dawned on me before, but a camera bag would tick all the boxes. Extra pockets designed for all the camera accessories...weather proof...removable padded inserts for carrying (and protecting) camera body/lenses etc. And I guess at times I am taking my SLR on trips so the double use of the bag will actually work for me. BUT...I didn't want a super structured bag that said 'Hey I'm carrying a camera and I like geeky bags!'...I wanted something soft and slouchy looking that would also stand up on its own...with short and long straps...that was pretty. I'm not asking for much hey! So this 2 Sues bag from Kelly Moore was perfect. She designs for professional photographers as well as people who appreciate cute bags (I am only one of those two things!)....and I LOVE it. I thought I would put it away to save for flights/travel but I've started using it as a `just heading out for coffee' bag too...and it's kind've dangerous to know they come in a range of pretty colours. If you want details on all the extras (including how the other side of the bag has like a wallet attached to the outside which means you can leave your purse behind!) check out the official website for product videos.  My bag is pictured with the scarf I picked up at Salamanca Market...I call it the Golden Retriever scarf because it shed like crazy the first time I wore it...but it was snuggly and I'll probably take that on my travels as well :)

I got a sewing machine for my birthday...mainly for sewing paper....because that's how I roll :) BUT I do have some ideas that involve fabric off-cuts so I ordered some from the always lovely Ink & Spindle....greys, mustards, navys, reds and neutrals...so delicious.  Thanks for answering all my questions Lara!

Since I'm doing the paper (hybrid) version of Project Life...I signed up for the Studio Calico kit to get a few extra goodies to play with. Loving the extras like stamps & scatters that come with the standard sized cards....and that from one month to the next they seem to co-ordinate in some ways...but are different enough in others that I'm always looking forward to the next arrival. Having them sent all the way to Australia means that by the time Studio Calico sends their `just checking in to see what you think now that you've had a chance to play?' email....the kit is probably just about to land :) But I'm just stoked that ship this far! I might need to make a little collection of the cards etc that I don't use each month and put together my own `kit' to giveaway on this blog :)

Found a home for my growing washi tape collection thanks to Amy Tangerine's blog....the washi wheel! Holds way more rolls than I have, so I'm looking forward to getting some new ones to help make the old favourites feel at home. 

I got this New York print from a friend for my birthday, from Art Pause on Etsy. Loving the colourful typography and looking at all those names...wondering what memories I will associate with them when I get to go explore in person!  The card is by Elliot My Dear, picked up in Hobart at Salamanca Market. love the red dress and the floating house :) 

Would love to hear about any of your favourite things lately :) 

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