Loving Lately...March

Freebie gift tags, bunting decal, Tim Coulson, Clare Bowditch, Marc Jacobs & when weekends/sleep-ins collide...


1. You already know about my love of chalkboard...so I couldn't browse past this website without picking up these sweet freebie printable gift tags with thanks to The Elli Blog

2. Dress up your laptop with this "Pretty Bunting Laptop Decal" by Mae available at Lark...reusable/removable and available for 13" and 15" laptops.  I'm a bit smitten with laptop decals...especially on macs...their minimalist design is just begging to be personalised.  I have this one in white at the moment...

3. The beginning of this blog post by Tim Coulson is just beautiful...as is his photography...and his about page.

4. Loving this interview with Clare Bowditch by The Design Files. Have been saving this link for awhile and it looks like I've gone to randomly post it on the exact weekend of her Big Hearted Business conference (aka how to build a creative business & make a signigicant contribution to the world)...the lovely Jess is there right now and it sounds just as amazing as you would imagine it to be. It was sold out when I first read the interview but I've put myself on the waiting list for next year as one of my `maybe someday' ventures :) Asked about a typical day: "After that it all kind’ve turns into a blur, a general delicious sometimes overwhelming chaotic sort-of-blurish-rotation between car, bike, home, office, park, possibly an airport and possibly a music studio or a TV set of some kind. I try to talk to artists and radical people every single day, because they make me happy. Plenty of eating and reading if possible. Lots and lots of kid squeezing. The only regular activity I do every single week without fail is go on a date with my husband (please note, we did not always go on regular dates, or even dates…we just started that carry-on when our youngest twins were five), and work hard to resist the feeling that ‘I really should have done more’." Click through to read more...such a creative soul/voice/actor...love. Thanks for the interview Lucy!

5. The Notebook Doodles ... I never tire of this constant stream of lettering/quotation goodness on Tumblr. I really need to get myself a fine liner and a notebook and see what happens :P

Lastly...I just find myself coming back to this amazing video via Garance Dore of the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2013 show.  Something about the lighting/music...the glow...love it. (p.s. how do they walk in those heels??...I would never be able to do that in any style that even remotely resembles gracefulness!)

And seeing as we're posting videos...here's Clare...in Nina's house...can't wait for Offspring to return :) You may have to click through to YouTube for this one...

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