The Charm of Chalkboard

Chalkboard is everywhere lately and most likely here to stay, so it wasn't hard to collect a some favourite finds in this department. In fact, there was probably too much to choose from and narrowing it down was the hard part! I love the kind've rustic "back to basics" feel about it (reminds me of when I was just starting school way back when!) the neutral colours mean it can compliment almost anything. One of the best things though is because of it's hand lettered nature, it lends itself so well to imperfections and quirky-ness...that is you don't have to be a full on calligrapher to achieve a cute chalkboard look...make mistakes and erase them, it just adds to the charm :)  Having said that, there are tutorials and digital elements you can explore if you want to head in the direction of achieving a `chalkboard calligraphy' (is that an actual term? I just made it up but it sounds legit hey!) feel, and then there are people like Dana Tanamachi who are literally artists in this field & do amazing work. In any case, it was fun to browse and put together this little collection!

  1. Totally in love with these cookies...Shauna Younge has a detailed tutorial for how to achieve this look.
  2. There are lots of chalkboard mugs out there you could buy but it looks super easy to make your own like Elsie has here over at `A Beautiful Mess'.
  3. Molly Jacques has a tutorial that starts off with hand lettering (or tracing of a printed font) that ends up with realistic looking chalkboard lettering.
  1. With Christmas coming up, it's always fun to collect a few new wrapping ideas and I love the look of these. Every year I like to think I'll go all out on wrapping, do something I found on Pinterest...but in reality we're usually wrapping like crazy at the last minute, almost always with the Love Actually movie playing in the background!
  2. Here's some free downloadable chalkboard backgrounds from Foolish Fire.
  3. I love this digital album collection of 9 templates by Paislee Press with a minimalistic chalkboard look. If you browse her store, you'll find other complimentary products like quick pages and album add ons...stunning as always Liz!
  1. Some Etsy finds beginning with chalkboard look wrapping paper by Paper and Present..
  2. Made from reclaimed materials, these chalkboard tablets by Peg & Awl are lovely.
  3. Chalkboard can write on the Bubble & Mimi.
  4. Speaking of Christmas, a this is a sweet Christmas card design by Lil' Sprout just have to send them the photos and they'll send you back a digital file to upload to your favourite online printer.
  1. A vintage looking Christmas themed print by Long Fellow Designs.
  2. A custom quote print by Olive & Birch including different lettering & background options.
  3. Loving the combination of a retro camera with chalkboard & quote, again by Long Fellow Designs.

Some examples of including the chalkboard look in your home. This whole post (1) about the illustrations by Pamela Rama in Hanover for a local store is fascinating...loving the inclusion of the original sketches as well. Martha Stewart has a tutorial (2) for how to achieve this hand painted (of course!) chalkboard wall calendar. I love the final look but I'm not sure I'd have the patience...? Jennifer from Studio Pebbles has a post (3) about re-decorating a shared office/playroom space that includes a gorgeous chalkboard feature wall. If you keep an eye out she will post a tutorial in the future about how she did this.

Finally, a video of Dana Tanamachi in action...I loved this 'Free Admission To Those Who Dream' feature wall when I found it on Pinterest ages ago, and only just discovered the video that goes with it. Almost makes me want to book that exact hotel room in NYC just so I can see it in person...completely in love with this!

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