Inspired By: Caravans

Perhaps it's because the Easter long weekend is coming up, or that I'm mentally planning for our NYC trip later in the year...or maybe I'm still remembering the Frankie Mag caravan from Finders Keepers. Whatever the case, I've been coming across some sweet caravan finds lately...

1 & 2: Travel art journal and buttons from Evalicious.  Can you picture yourself taking some glue & a compact wireless photo printer on the road with these? I love the idea of instant art journals on a romantic little caravan trip...

3. Kara Rosenlund, stylist and most excellent at sourcing gorgeous vintage finds, has a little caravan called Frankie & a website called Travelling Wares. Use her blog and website to find out where Frankie will be appearing you can buy some of her found treasures...or keep an eye on the online store but beware, her one-of-a-kind listings sell out very quickly! You can read an article about Kara here via the Design Files. What a dreamy idea to turn into a business...with the added bonus of returning to Europe for shopping adventures...nicely done Kara :)

1. If you're reading from the UK, you're in luck because Hazy Days Caravan Hire will be local for you. The rest of us can only drool over photos such as these from Kitty & Dulcie showcasing some of the Hazy Days range. Love the inclusion of the stuffed owl in the corner. I can picture myself parking this baby next to a river and re-visiting a fave childhood read like Wind in the Willows from that couch.

2. It must be the done thing to give your caravan a sweet name...Vintage Glamour Days has two for hire, Audrey & Darcy....I think this one is Audrey....again from the UK. Anyone local getting the itch to buy and renovate one just so I can come visit and take photos? :)

3. Even a mail order caravan teapot...very on trend in mint green!

On to some Etsy finds...

1. BOBOceramics handmade plate...part of a transportation series
2. Caravan Trim by Rachael King Designs in Brisbane
3. Wooden hanging caravan by Polkadot of Winslow, more colours/patterns to choose from
4. Ceramic Caravan by Ceramic Fabric...colours & details customisable. Here's a little coincidence...I messaged this seller via Etsy after a random search for caravan related Etsy finds. Liz (now in Dublin) has travelled many places in a caravan...and once came through Bendigo back in `95 with her parents as part of a caravan club. She says she remembers having her photo taken with a cow (maybe at The Show?) and eating ice cream...pity we can't send her some of Steve's Favourite Flavours hey! :)

1. Ali J's print of an original canvas painting of hers inspired her to go and find her own caravan & turn it into a studio space. She's from Western Australia.
2. This is an original watercolour by Painter Peeps
3. I'm a massive fan of Vol. 25 & Jessica's style...she has multiple caravan inspired prints (among heaps of other gorgeous stuff).
4. Last but not least, "Trailer Stamp' by Skull & Cross Buns...who says they `originally designed this stamp for my caravan and craft loving friend in homage to her own little caravan of love, often found perched on the Cornish cliffs in the summer months.' This stamp would be a sweet addition to the art journal mentioned earlier.

I hope you liked that little caravan/travel collection. I feel nostalgic about them because my two sisters and I used to sleep in one at my grandparent's house when we went to visit. Nan would always bring out patchwork blankets (she called them Snuggies) in case we got cold...and even though the caravan never moved from the carport whilst we were in it...we thought it was a great adventure. We'd stay awake giggling long into the night because, as we weren't indoors, none of the grown-ups were within earshot to tell us to be quiet and go to sleep. Then, in the morning we'd make a mad dash in our pajamas and bare feet across the cold concrete driveway to arrive at the kitchen table for Nan's amazingly creamy porridge & honey. Those were the days...

Design Resources: One Little Bird Designs `Numbers' from La Belle Vie