Inspired By: Clouds

Loving that I keep finding references to clouds everywhere in my browsing lately...most definitely not of the online storage kind! To me they signify rainy days where it's perfectly legitimate to curl up on the couch with a hoodie and a good book...make cheese toasties & tomato soup for lunch...or listen to podcasts whilst taking your time with a project you've been putting off for awhile.  Can you tell I'm craving rainy days and autumn in a big way? I'm usually 100% in love with being in the middle of summer but the bushfires and smokey skies have taken away from that a little bit lately. So, onto some cosy cloud oriented finds :)

Etsy: 1. Nesting Cloud Plates by JD Wolfe Pottery, 2. Miniature Cloud Factory by Handmade Curiosities, 3. Charcoal Cloud Coin Purse by Oktak, 4. Rubber Stamp by Citoyennes de Berlin, 5. Washi Tape by Happy Zakka Life

Sweet little nested plates are a great way to add some interest to an empty dresser or bedside table.  How gorgeous is that tiny little cloud factory...there's also a matching heart factory available from the same seller. I'm loving the randomness of being able to play with placing the raindrops separately on that rubber stamp. Plus, would it really be a blog entry from me without an appearance of washi tape of some description? :)

Etsy: 1. Rain Cloud Mobile by Le Petit Papillon, 2. Stormy Weather Fabric by Maze & Vale

There are a heap of different colour combinations of raindrops to go with this cloud mobile...but I do love the teal/mustard/grey look above. Finally, for Etsy, Maze and Vale is an Australian sure to click through to their store for bigger detailed photos of this fabric which would make great cushions on a reading chair.

Pinterest: 1. Cloud Brownies via Un Beau Jour, 2. White Cloud by Dinara Mirtalipova, 3. Chocolate Cloud Cookies, 4. Gift tags by Ocechou, 5. Photograph source unknown, 6. Cloud Garland via Esprit Boheme

I was pleasantly surprised to find that all my Pinterest cloud finds co-ordinated with each other, without a hint of the traditional cloudy blue in sight! I'd never thought about including clouds as decorations in a dessert buffet, or strung together as a garland, and I think that gift tag shows how such a simple shape can be really effective.

Various: 1. Cloud Paper Cut Art by Fideli Sundqvist, 2. Cloud Magnets by Paper Boat Press, 3. Children's Recipe by Griottes, 4. Indoor Cloud Photography by Berndnaut Smilde, 5. Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan (photo by John Goliings)

I keep seeming to gravitate back towards paper cuts, but how beautiful are these by Fideli Sundqvist? You can read an interesting interview about them here. If you follow me on Pinterest you'll notice I pin a lot of things by Griottes. I love how they play on the idea of displaying food in ways that make you stop and really check the details...who would have thought, cauliflower clouds...but they are just perfect for that! Be sure to check out the video of Berndnaut's indoor cloud really is amazing how just by playing with the lighting and conditions of the air in a room, clouds materialise out of nowhere just long enough for a photograph. And the Cloud House...follow the link for the gallery...I had a lot of trouble trying to decide which single photography showed off the architecture the best! Last but not least, another selection from Paper Boat Press...Kylie continues to impress...these cloud magnets would look gorgeous on a minimalistic stainless steel fridge.

I hope that you found something you were inspired by...all this talk of clouds and rainy days is making me sleepy & relaxed :)

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