Wish Magazine

So, I weakened and ordered Wish magazine from Carrie in the UK because I'm obsessed with stationery and design, and just couldn't go past having (and holding) my  very own copy. Carrie is a blogger that I've mentioned before and she came up with the delightful idea of putting together her own magazine with a bunch of very talented friends.

Now, I know that would be an absolute challenge and a half...but what an amazing experience, and how much fun would they have had along the way? Narrowing down a short list of their favourite London afternoon tea experiences? Yes please! 

Other articles include; the lost art of writing letters and having pen pals; making a fabric covered journal; exploring vintage shopping around the world; and remembering old school reads like The Babysitters Club. Speaking of remembering, I used to have a pen-pal in high school...Dolly mag matched us up!

I love the details included like the little strip of gold star stickers for marking your favourites amongst their wish list of finds...you may recognise the Pixel Tote shown above from one of my previous posts!

There's also a lift out poster (of course there has to be!) with a quirky little flow chart to determine the answer to the question "So You Think You're an Early Granny?" Sadly I'm not destined to be an early Granny...I think it was the question about preferring tweeting over bird watching that sent me in the wrong direction ;)

I love the illustrations, the pages of wistfully styled photography, and the European locations...it's the kind of magazine that you don't want to part with even when the pages become slightly dog-eared due to repeated flip throughs.  Sadly, I've just discovered it's sold out...which is always a possibility with indie mags such as this. However, keep your eyes on Carrie's blog...with any luck she'll be up for another issue in the future, I'll be sure to let you know! 

If you're after gorgeous flowers, lovely vintage party supplies, and tasty treats...you can find them all here: My Vintage Tea Hire, Frankie O's Flower Emporium, Sim'R

Frames: Paislee Press, Font: Mossy

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