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If you are into photography in any way, you have to watch this documentary about the official White House photographer, Pete Souza.  You can click through the link below, or I've seen it on DVD at Video Ezy if you're interested but don't want to go online. The documentary actually plays in full from the PBS website...this hardly ever happens if you're an Aussie wanting to watch something on a US network website! :) Narrated by Morgan Freeman...love that guy.

Click through to play  The President's Photographer

Click through to play The President's Photographer

Can you imagine, following someone like Obama everywhere? As exhausting as it sounds to be literally on his schedule...what an incredible job.  I'm shy when it comes to photography and people I don't know really well...but this guy literally has the Golden Ticket to be right there in amongst it all.  If it was me as the photographer, I'd be most excited about capturing the every day people moments as opposed to the big historic ones...the potato sack races in the White House, Michelle surprising random visitors on a tour...the little kids who don't quite understand the enormity of who they're meeting who just want a fist bump or a spiderman challenge. The `laugh out loud' moments, and the `break your heart' ones.

All photos by Pete Souza except for black and white by Christopher Morris for TIME Magazine

Not only that, but imagine being so used to the camera being around that your life, relationship and family are also being documented in such a complete but candid way.  Being camera shy myself, it wouldn't be my ideal scenario but looking at the end result...that's one hell of a photo album...I imagine you'd get used to it after awhile. Obama described his and Pete's relationship as like an old married couple, such is their familiarity. Love that.

In Australia we just don't have the same association with the leader of our country...so maybe that's why I find this aspect of Pete's photography intriguing. I also love these everyday moments between Obama and Michelle...click the image for a larger version. The black and white photo was captioned `running into Michelle in the basement of the White House on her birthday'...the other at a wedding and the top photo famously tweeted after he won the election.  

What post of mine would be complete without the chance to include a dog photo...this is Bo being filmed for the White House Easter Egg Roll.  On a side note...if I couldn't be Pete Souza...I would want to be whoever has the job of looking after Bo...isn't he just the most huggable dog you ever saw?

The White House Flickr Stream - Pete Souza's Best of 2012

The White House Flickr Stream - Pete Souza's Best of 2012

All but one of these photos were from the White House Flickr Stream...click the photo/caption above to find the best of 2012 set. But seriously...watch the documentary...it's great.

And for anyone hoping (or dreading) that this might now become a political commentary blog...sorry to disappoint/you can rest easy...I am probably one of the least politically minded people you will come across...my interest is held only when it crosses the paths of photography or design.  Maybe if Julia sold her knitting on Etsy...?! ;)

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