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I've been using Google Reader forever to manage my severe addiction to reading and over-subscribing to blogs. Sadly, it is soon to be no more so I've had to go looking for alternatives. In case you're in the same boat, I thought I'd share them loving new-to-me discoveries Wunderlist & Pocket...

Pocket started as one of those `Read it Later' type services...for when you came across an article say via Twitter or a blog & wanted to catch up on it later when you had time. Like favouriting a tweet I guess, but across multiple platforms so all your catch-up reads were in one place.  Now re-branded as Pocket, it collects more content than just good reads (like videos etc) and is available in app form across many devices. It's more about taking that kind of stuff with you for keeps, in addition to using it as a catch-up service.  I've only just started using it...currently my `Pocket' contains a tutorial on organising your workspace in Photoshop, a sweet desktop wallpaper that I've been waiting until I was home to download, and how Whit & Whistle started up as a business.  I use it for collecting material for future blog posts too. But mainly it's just a place to put stuff I know I want to do something with, but I saw it on the go and couldn't click through just then. You can read their guide for all the different ways you can add content here, or watch a video that explains it in 90 seconds below :)

Wunderlist is like heaven for a list maker like me. Combined with Pocket and a notebook chockers with scribbles, it's the main way I organise stuff for this website...ideas, lofty `one-day' goals (a Q&A with Katie Quinn Davies?) & the like :) Here's where the list making goes to the next can make lists within that. Also, you can choose from different designs (chalkboard people!) to dress up your can you see why I was won over?  With a web version, mac/windows apps, device apps, browser extensions, reminders, sharing a clean minimalist design...what else could we ask for?

Now, how to manage that blog addiction of mine. The two main alternatives appear to be Feedly & Bloglovin'. Both allow you to migrate from Google Reader with little to no effort...and once Google Reader is gone you'll continue on these new platforms without even noticing.  Both have web versions, and app versions for your devices....both understand that blog readers like us appreciate visual browsing. Feedly seems to have more options in terms of display & organisation of your blog subscriptions, Bloglovin' also delivers via email and doesn't overcomplicate things.  The people behind Bloglovin' manage when websites change their feeds so you don't have to worry about switching from old to new.  There may be other differences I haven't discovered yet but at the moment I'm using both...leaning slightly towards Feedly. Bloglovin's short but sweet overview is below.

Either way, don't put off leaving Google Reader behind...take time to play with some alternatives until you find what works best for you. But just in case, you can follow me on Bloglovin' by clicking here.

Design Resources: One Little Bird Designs "How it All Began", and Gina Cabrera papers

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