April Loving Lately

Haunted houses, sweating glitter, dog photography, orangey-pink & capturing the moment...oh, and rocking polka dots :) Loving lately in April...

  1. I can't seem to get enough of oranges and pinks (and orangey pinks) with gold lately...it's weird how I go through colour cravings. Anyway this iPhone case from Julia Kostreva ticked all the boxes for me. $36.00 USD + postage on Etsy. As luck would have it, I did damage my current case recently so this could be a sign...hmmm :)
  2. Loving this digital wire typography by Dan Hoopert...looks so delicate and crisp and beautifully minimalistic
  3. This post by A Beautiful Mess about lifestyle photography...capturing the everyday details that tell the real story & being brave enough to accept the imperfections that come with. 
  4. This tote bag on Etsy by Kimberly Layton. I have a feeing that Jess (see video below) would approve :) $15 USD + postage.
  5. You have to check out this post (from Desire to Inspire) about an actual listing for a house in Montreal. I'm a sucker for interior design but this place just gives me the heebie-jeebies...especially the basement. Doesn't it look straight out of a creepy movie? The kind of movie where you have to have a cushion within arms reach to hide behind at a moments notice? I am 100% not a scary movie person. At all.
  6. What I am 100% about is being a dog person :) So naturally I instantly fell in love with the photography of Jesse Freidin...especially the `in the home' album...#smitten

Finally, I recently re-discovered the clip below which relates to point 4 above. I can totally see myself saying "I find it fundamentally strange that you're not a dessert person!" What are you loving lately?

Design Resources: The Short Caps font by Heather Joyce