Found: Ally + Me, Gather Handmade & Merchant

A mysterious little store down a cobble stoned lane-way known as Merchant...the deliciously Scandi inspired Ally + Me...and the ever so lovely Gather Handmade. Three places I've been waiting to share...

In this case, the word "found" is used liberally as technically my sister, who knows exactly what I love, had picked out these three places to visit before we arrived. She did well, I can't wait to return to all of them!

Ally + Me: I loved the beautiful simplicity of this store. The minimalist neutrals, touches of Scandi design, soft white feathers, cool grey concrete walls, the warmth of stacked wooden logs. A combination of textures...the supple grain of a leather clutch from the Netherlands, merino wool wraps, alpaca leggings....crisp white ceramics...lovely simple jewellery pieces. It felt like somewhere you would exhale and take respite from the biting winter outside. Loved it. You will find them on 139 Liverpool Street, Hobart. Facebook // Website // Pinterest

Gather Handmade: You know the kind of store where you wish all their display units could be yours to take home because they're just amazing and totally look one of a kind? Then you discover that they place a heavy emphasis on stocking local makers, and invite said makers to stop by & share their talents? That's Gather for you...a place after my own heart. I loved spotting Ink & Spindle (Melbourne) fabrics amongst many other choices to have custom lampshades and cushions made. I did many many laps which is always a good sign. The one downside to discovering places I love in Tasmania is I can't bring everything back on the plane with me. I picked up this little guy (see below)...I kind've like the idea of a nerdy owl wearing oversized glasses hanging from my desk lamp as I blog :) You will find them at 166 Liverpool Street, Hobart, and on Facebook.

Merchant: At the time of writing, this store might remain a little mysterious as I can't find any sign of them online (they had just opened). In any case, whilst I text my sister to ask her how we found it, I'll tell you why I loved it so. It's actually kind of fitting the circumstances are a bit mysterious as the store itself was down a little laneway, with lots of dark wood and industrial lights glowing gold...sweet little finds from Etsy (which I love discovering in a bricks and mortar store!)...ladders as beakers holding small plumpy pillows in shades of bottle green or mustard...succulents...The Smith Journal...Black Apple greeting cards...tasty treats...leather folios...ceramic milk bottles. Teensy and chock-filled with goodness...I do hope we can find our way back :) Update: We found them on 2 Bidencopes Lane, Hobart...and are also on Facebook. Strangely the lane way doesn't exist on Google if you're looking for them in person, walk along Murray Street just after the intersection of Liverpool St, (towards the water) and you will find them too :) 


So there you have it. I realise that sharing stores across the sea from Victoria (or a long flight if you're reading from elsewhere in the world!) might not be super practical for readers if there's no online shopping alternative. But, whilst I am smitten with online shopping, I do love to share actual stores as often as I can. Mainly because I appreciate the love and hard work that goes into designing these lovely places...and then curating the contents of their shelves to share with those who wander in. All of them are contactable online...perhaps if you spy something in these photos (or on their Facebook pages) that you're curious about, you could get in touch with them and see if they're up for posting to you :)

Have you found a sweet bricks and mortar store lately that you love? Please matter where it may be...I'm always curious!

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