Criterion Street Cafe

What will always be known as the trip where Luke discovered why more than half the planet is in love with salted-caramel-anything...

The Criterion Street Cafe in Hobart is an eclectic space that wouldn't be out of place in Brunswick....well travelled concrete stairs, brightly coloured walls with pops of industrial accents and layers of eighties-style postcards taped together near the register.

We sat upstairs in the streaming sunlight...clusters of succulents gathered near the window sill...some of us (i.e. me...never a morning person at the best of times) still waking up...others already torn between options on the menu.

I think I made my decision in thirty seconds flat...French toast stuffed with mascarpone topped with lemon curd and macerated strawberries. I didn't think anything would come close to the first French toast I had in Hobart last year...but this was sooo good. A good rule of thumb would be, anytime French toast is stuffed with something, don't turn it down. I took great pleasure in eating it whilst looking across the street and up a level at people slaving away in a gym. Not one ounce of guilt here :)

Luke went with what was going to be my second choice...CSC Waffles..."big fat" cinnamon waffles with rich salted caramel sauce, banana and vanilla mascarpone.  Still can't believe Luke never ate salted caramel before this trip.

With looped scarves and the sharing of favourite photos from overnight instagram feeds, plans for the day were made over steaming hot pots of tea. Our list of favourite brunch spots in Hobart is ever it.

You will find the Criterion Street Cafe on 10 Criterion Street, Hobart.

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