Loving Lately in August

An amazing Greenwich Village townhouse...sweet DIY wall hanging...some softies to make (or hug!)...a day in the life of Dana T.W....and the serious dance skills of Mr France Pants...all things I'm loving lately.

One of my favourite things about this blog is saving a small collection of favourite things I've found online to share with you every once in awhile...and call me Type A but I love it even better when all the colours of the photos from each of the sites happen to blend together as well! I'm trying out one of my hand drawn borders on this post too...here's to an eternal love of fine-liners, the colour navy & pencil scribbles :)

1. Brooke Shield's Greenwich Village Townhouse: the idea of a fireplace in the kitchen/dining area is what drew me in...also loved the jumbled collection of framed prints (although being Brooke probably more like originals!) on a ledge...dark floors against crisp white walls...and having now walked some of Greenwich Village it's amazing to me what they manage to squish into these buildings where space is obviously at a premium...just gorgeous!

2. Daily Like's DIY Wall Hanging: the texture of the knots and bows...pinks/greys/yellows combined with raw wood...the careful measurements that result in a hanging heart (I'm not usually a big "use of hearts" person...I love them when they're less obvious and subtle like this one). I'm already picturing one using neutral linen fabrics...raw ends...maybe hanging above a bed or a fireplace...lovely.

3. Anna Pavlovna's Etsy Store: how sweet are these handmade toys all the way from Russia? So in love with their little facial expressions...they look like they could use a hug. Again I'm drawn to things that look a little mismatched or not how you would expect them to. I had such fun browsing her gallery of characters.  If you're handy with a sewing machine and thread, she sells patterns as well as the toys themselves.  I dream of being crafty enough to make one of these as a present one day! 

4. A Day in the Life of Dana Tanamachi-Williams: A long time ago on this blog (November 2012 as it turns out) I shared my chalkboard obsession and a sweet video of Dana working on her "Free Admission to Those Who Dream" piece on a wall of a NYC hotel room....so I was excited to stumble across this blog post on Design Sponge. Dana shares my love of wearing stripes and has a sweet workspace with little shelves overflowing with artwork that quickly becomes a mess as she moves through her day. Looks like she might be designing some iPhone covers...can't wait!

5. Tutti Frutti Dance: This video below shows off Rachel Castle's gorgeous bedding, and France Pants' (Adam France) serious skillz in the dance (and video making) dept...love it!

If you could choose between a stay in that NYC townhouse, a dance/video workshop with Adam, or a family of Anna's little stuffed animals...which would you pick?? :)

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