July Around Here

Flame Trees, Sarah Blasko, vintage napkin collecting, cupcakes & sketches of teacups...all part of July Around Here...

  • Loving the new flavour combinations Cadbury keeps releasing in their Joyville chocolate range...this one is definitely my favourite with banana lollies, peanut butter choc chips & pieces of chocolate biscuit. Also partial to the mix with Clinkers. (Since this was written the author has tried the Oreo version...verdict: OMG)
  • Adding more to my vintage napkin collection. It's frustrating that you have to buy multi packs instead of singles but I guess not everyone is just using them as props in photos like me! :) 
  • Met Mum for afternoon tea at Percy & Percy. With late afternoon sun filtering through the windows, & a warmed apple/berry crumble with cream...it was a sweet ending to the day. Excited to see what's happening with their outdoor area for summer...
  • Road trip to Melbourne...footy for the others, shopping for me! I picked up some gorgeous Kikki K stationery...and stopped by The Woodsfolk...loved those little felt acorns below :) Nothing better than wandering the streets and laneways of the CBD with a hot chocolate in hand...in a pair of toasty boots...all wrapped up in a scarf...I honestly love Melbourne in winter as much as ever :)
  • A slight pattern is developing with us...all road trips seem to be beginning with a stop at The Brewhouse for take out coffees
  • I picked up this version of slouchy boots in navy blue on sale...they're fast becoming my new favourites
  • We tried some cupcakes from Cake Walk...where the windows steam up on a chilly day from all the baking inside :)
  • I tried my hand at some drawing...a little cup of tea...for this printable download 
  • Finally finished Grace Coddington's book. I really didn't want it to end...which is probably why I tried to extend it for as long as possible. Such a beautiful memoir of her times as a model and working in the heart & soul of the fashion world for decades
  • Officially hooked on The Mindy Project...Morgan is my favourite but I have a secret crush on Danny
  • My sister's wedding photos arrived! There is now a flurry of activity involving a Blurb photobook, and some fun playing around with RadLab in Photoshop....seriously love these photo editing actions. 
  • I went to Sarah Blasko this week.  Have never seen her live before...so lovely. It's funny how you picture someone in your head based on their voice...and then you find they're completely different in person. One moment her voice is soft  and her movements floaty & whimsical...and the next she's incredibly strong and angular almost...hard to describe.  I remember the first time I ever heard her was on Triple J when I was in the car. Being before the days of Shazam...I remember parking and waiting for the end of the song to find out her name...I misheard it as Sarah Glasgow and wondered why I couldn't find her on Google :)  ANYWAY...right at the end she did her cover of Flame Trees (available on Spotify/iTunes) which was just magic...and icing on an already lovely cake...and apparently it's very rarely performed so we felt very special

What have you been up to lately?

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