Winter Escape Part 2


I just realised the other day, that I had completely forgotten to post the follow up post to our Winter Escape in Daylesford. Remember, where Luke kept me in the dark plan wise (for entertainment purposes) and our dog Riley came along for the ride? Where I rummaged through the Sunday Market and Riley ended up wearing a doggy sweater? Well, we had more time to kill until the place we were staying was ready so...I kept rummaging in more stores (the above are decals on the walls of The Lark Shop, and the Op Shop next door) ...never really buying anything...I just like to fantasise that I will come across an original vintage tram scroll and the owner of the store wont realise what a gold mine they're sitting on and I'll get it for like $50 or something :)


Everything about Lark is gorgeous...and of course they have a vintage bike out the front...if you don't live in Victoria, you can buy their goodies online as well...if you do live locally & haven't been, go, you wont regret it for a second.  We stayed at a place called Chestnut in Hepburn Springs...the year before we stayed at another of their properties called Maple.  They do lovely accommodation that is dog friendly, but dog friendly doesn't mean "the corner of the coffee table has been chewed"'s all gorgeous and very well done with all the extras you love. Plus this one had a completely fenced in rambling yard so once you pull the heavy iron gate closed behind you, your furry friend can run free and explore! Riley is not used to this, and had to conduct border patrol ever 15 minutes the whole time he was outside...he takes his role as the security guard wherever we go very seriously...much to our amusement.


Above is the sleepy hamlet of Hepburn Springs...early in the morning...when Luke and Riley venture out to find coffee together.  The place had a very `log cabin' feel without being too rustic. The best part, besides the fire (which is my favourite part about these kind of trips) is there is a separate little building off the side of the decking that is a theatre room. I'm talking draped velvet curtains, surround sound, big screen, projector, leather movie theatre recliners (x2), fluffy floor rug...cushions a-plenty and a bean bag on the side.  Loved this.  We watched "500 Days of Summer" again...amazing...have recently developed a bit of a crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt (or JGL as I like to call him)...looking forward to Looper coming out! Order in from Reubens's...we asked around and their pizzas were the first thing everyone suggested for a relaxed dinner by the fire...slippers and pajamas a must.


Love you Daylesford...thanks for having us!

...of course there was a macaron (or three)...would it be my perfect winter escape otherwise? ;)

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