Dessert Divas

Katie Quinn Davies

This is a story about how the Dessert Divas came to be...about how Twitter is awesome...and how Katie Quinn Davies could well be my biggest foodie/photography/styling crush of all time.  On a side note, you can find Katie's recipe for the above cake here...I was lucky enough to have my sister make this for my birthday this yummy!

So, Dessert Divas...a bunch of local chicks with active Twitter accounts, most of whom also have local businesses & blogs..who all share one thing in common...a love of dessert & conversation.  We've done two so far and there will be more...rumour has it Mason's might be next on our list.  I've only been on Twitter with a public profile since May and the amount of connections made, people met, laughs had, info shared, & things discovered has me hooked.  So, before too much time had passed, I wanted to save the tweets that started know, just in case we all become famous and Adriano Zumbo collaborates with Donna Hay to create a custom dessert experience for us all to blog about, or Alla Wolf-Tasker calls ;)


Once upon a time, a local restaurant known as The Woodhouse posted on Twitter that they were bringing out a new dessert menu...

Dessert Divas 1

Ever one to have her finger on the pulse of what's happening in Bendigo at any given moment (and with her rockin' local blog), Bryley posed a question to two dessert-consuming professionals she knew...

Dessert Divas 2

As you can see, I took my time composing a well thought out response expressing my enthusiasm for Bryley's proposal...

Dessert Divas 3

It didn't take long for word to spread & a table to be booked...

Dessert Divas 4

...and a name to be dreamed up (this was the bit I was most curious to find, good work Keren!)

Dessert Diva 6
Woodhouse DD1

August: The Woodhouse Dessert Platter...Danielle's Baked Hazelnut & Ricotta Cheesecake (baked hazelnut & ricotta cheesecake, creme patisserie vanilla bean ice cream, Frangelico & Belgium wafer), Vanilla Creme Brûlée, Belgian white chocolate panna cotta & raspberry, Chocolate Brownie (rich belgian chocolate pecan brownie, rum & raisin ice cream & house made honeycomb)

Whirrakee DD2

September: The Whirrakee Restaurant where I had the Expression of Valrhona Chocolate...featuring Ivoire and raspberry Brulee, Pur caraibe fondant w/ prune (I switched to banana) and Armagnac ice cream, Guanaja and hazelnut mille feuille and Manjari parfait w/ crystalised orange

The Future: stay tuned... :)

If you haven't discovered Katie Quinn Davies yet, then you'd better head on over to her blog What Katie Ate and prepare your eyes for a feast...such an amazing photographer/stylist. I was so excited when she started working for Delicious Mag...and now she's got a book which is on my `must acquire' everything she does...Katie you can be an honorary member of the Dessert Divas any time you want! :)