Bella Box

Bella Box Have you heard of these beauty subscription boxes? They've been around in the USA for awhile now but are still relatively new in Australia and I've always wondered what they'd be like.  Then, a friend from work recently got onto the Lust Have It box and once I saw hers arriving (cute packaging too!) that was enough to push me over the edge and reaching for my mouse to join. Basically you subscribe with a monthly payment for a determined amount of time (i.e. a month or 6 months etc) and you get sent these boxes at regular intervals...usually about 4ish weeks.  They contain sample sizes of new or popular products so you can try things you wouldn't ordinarily buy and you may discover something new you love.  The longer you subscribe the cheaper the monthly payment is...but you can go month at a time like I have with Bella Box just to see if I like it. The websites list the brands they partner with so you can get an idea of the quality of product you're going to get. I can't speak for the other boxes because I've only tried Bella, but I like that they allowed you to fill out a beauty profile about your skin/hair/colouring type and ask you questions to get an idea of your taste in products.  I'll be honest and say that my biggest problem is remembering to use the products...I have to put the box out on my dresser where I'm going to walk past it every day. Don't get me started on the bag of samples I still have from multiple StrawberryNet orders!  I'm still deciding whether I'm going to be in this long term but I thought it would be fun to show you what kind of stuff came in the box. Remember that the website always shows you the entire range of products, you only get sent some of them.  I planned on photographing September as well but I ripped into the box and started using some of the stuff straight away...oops!

So, Bella Box...$15 a month...FAQ here.  Other alternatives (that I haven't tried) are Beauty Basket, & Lust Have It (which Kaz loves).  There's also a Bark Box for dogs! It's USA only unfortunately but what an adorable assortment of doggy treats & chew toys. Our dog would be like "if its not shaped like a miniature soccer ball or tastes like cereal/schmackos, I'm done"

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