April Around Here

Carrot cake, polka dot spoons, snow leopard photographers & extreme mountain biking...otherwise known as April around here.

Don't you hate when you think you're all organised & then it's after 8pm and you're ready to get this cake made and you realise you forgot a major ingredient? That's what saw me make a last minute dash to Safeway wearing Luke's hoodie & post-workout-hair to grab sour cream & a lemon....and a `Freddo Frog' for him :) With the wedding getting closer, overseas guests are starting to land...what better way to stave off jet-lag than cups of tea & carrot cake with plenty of icing...

Exploring Brewhouse's new digs & loving Percy and Percy...we Bendigonians really are spoiled for choice when it comes to good cafes.  Is there anything better than an incoming text/tweet/DM with the words `let's catch up for coffee...?' :)

I spent another whole day in Melbourne looking for the perfect bridesmaid shoes and found nothing.  If you'd seen me in line at Boost Juice waiting for my Strawberry Squeeze, you would've also heard me muttering something about grey satin medium heeled peep-toes being as rare as a Snow Leopard sighting. But after a chocolate-picnic-pity-party back at the hotel, a good night's sleep & breakfast where the coffees come with miniature donuts....and three more hours of finding nothing...I found the exact. right. pair. I was this close to hugging the sales assistant because they were the last ones in my size...on sale...in the Wittner factory outlet. First world problems I know. I exhaled, took a moment to appreciate the job of a Snow Leopard photographer...and left for Bendigo clutching that shoe box with glee. 

  • I moved into the study...with a real deal desk...goodbye blogging from the dining room table. In the process I found my old mix-tape collection which kick-started a mini East 17 fan-club reunion on Twitter
  • I rode through some burn zones....some of which were still smoking...so I pretended for a minute I could be on some kind've ESPN extreme mountain biking documentary...not sure where the Taylor Swift pumping through my earbuds fits in with that daydream...
  • Said goodbye to Australia's most loved un-defeated race horse...if you haven't read the book you should...I LOVED it.
  • Spied a snuggly pile of blankets at The Good Loaf...presumably for outdoor diners as our weekend mornings get cooler?

We love our dog Riley to bits...but one of his quirks is he doesn't get on with any other dog on the face of the earth...except for a beagle called Missy who moved to Melbourne (I think she broke his heart). So, when we take Luke's grandma's dog for a walk on the weekends we love when he stops to say hello to passers by.  This is Will, the corgi, who we have run into several weeks in a row. Just quietly, I think they're going to be besties. 

What have you been up to lately?

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