Favourite Things

With me running around madly behind the scenes helping with bridal showers & all things wedding related, I thought I'd post some of my favourite things...some old, some new...perhaps even something blue ;)

I love books with gorgeous spines that compliment each other all gathered together. These are books I've been given as gifts over the years. The most recent was What Katie Ate, which really I should devote a whole post to because her photography and styling is stunning in itself, but now with the added bonus of tasty recipes to make from the drool-worthy pages of this book! Also pictured is Donna Hay's `Chocolate' (love books with ribbons to mark pages), Cath Kidston's `Make' & Pia Jane Bijkerk's `My Heart Wanders.' I read the latter in one afternoon...snuggled under a rug on the couch...loved. Also...I've wanted A-Z bookends since I saw them on Friends years ago. How happy was I to find them on sale at Oliver Birch a few summers ago?! Very :)


Hmmm what could I be doing with these lovely things? Recently went on a little ribbon & lace spree at Spotlight. One of my favourite things is hatching plans to make pretty things...which for now will have to remain a secret but you know me, once I can share there will be lots of photos :) 

Have you had European hot chocolates? They're like regular ones, but a bit richer and slightly thicker and they are the best. I recently got in on a joint order at work for some Fraus hot chocolate and I can't wait to drink a mug of this wearing slippers & watching the Rachel Zoe Project. (Ssssshhh...not everyone needs to know that reality TV is also one of my very favourite things ;)  Each box contains a 250g sachet of the hot chocolate powder in whichever flavour you chose (Tiramisu & Coconut for me) + five random bonus single serve sachets of other flavours so you can sample more of their  range.  My extra flavours ended up being pistachio, meringue, nougat, white chocolate, extra dark chocolate & hazelnut.

Had an inspiring phone conversation with a lovely someone last week who alerted me to the fact that I was bound to fall in love with Fete Magazine. All about `appreciating good things and finding ways to keep things simple...sharing all manner of beautiful & functional things that inspire us everyday...and embracing an simple ethos by which to live and entertain.' The photography...oh my.  I'm one of those people who dissect every little detail...down to the props in the background, softened on the edge of a gorgeously shallow depth of field. I want to know where everything came from, and how to make the recipe that everyone is eating around the table in the feature spread. Not only does it give you all that, but even the advertising is thoughtfully chosen to match their vibe & be similarly beautiful. Treat yourself to some eye candy...with four issues a year they are sure to be keepers and look gorgeous on display long after you've finished reading them :)

Be sure to let me know if you've got any favourite things of your own to share...