Loving Lately

A portrait project...a class in map making...taking a blade to your MacBook...two delightful Etsy stores...and a LoobyLu animation. Otherwise known as things I'm loving lately. I never intend for the picks to colour co-ordinate...sometimes it just happens randomly...just goes to show they were meant to be :)


1. I've been a fan of Tara Whitney (her stunning photography & her honest blogging style) for ages.  Somehow I only get around to catching up on my fave photography blogs every now and then but when I cruised past in Feedly and spotted this photo I couldn't help but bookmark the post for you.  Tara contributes to a project called "You Are My Wild" ...a `weekly portrait project that brings together 14 photographers to document how they see their children' ...loved the ears silhouetted against the sunset.

2. Have recently discovered the website Skillshare where you can take classes to learn all kinds of good stuff, particularly design related. This one caught my eye because it was around the time I was working on the map for my sister's wedding invites..."Map Making: Learn to Communicate Places Beautifully." Would love to take this class one day soon...

3. Ink Kit is a sweet Etsy store that sells stationery/twine/ribbon/packaging/pencils...soo much yummy stuff...I really struggled to pick one photo to best represent the store (and got a little bit lost browsing along the way)...do yourself a favour and check it out.

4. A DIY that involves a MacBook & washi tape? Yes please! Designs by Lulu shows you how to cover the glowing apple on the back of your laptop with translucent chevron tape.  I haven't done it yet but I'm seriously thinking I might...apparently it's super easy...even if it does involve a razor blade near your beloved laptop!

5. A cute Etsy store known as Sweet Harvey that sells everything from rubber stamps through to jewellery and letterpress.  I'm always drawn to personalized stationery...and in this case a retro camera print :)

Lastly, one of my favourite bloggers & fellow Square-Spacer. Formerly of Melbourne but now living with her "raggle taggle family" in the forest of a Canadian island, Claire of Looby-Lu is an amazing illustrator (and toy designer...I still regret not buying one of her stuffed creations on eBay way back when!). There's really no other way to say it other than I have a creative/blog crush on her :) ANYWAY I thought this animation she made of one of her illustrations was sweet...

Oops - almost forgot. Listened to this podcast on the way home from work and through my gym workout the other day and it had me crying* & laughing and everything in between. Richard Fidler (ABC) talks to Zelie Bullen about "performing horse stunts that bring her into close contact with terrible danger; stunts that can only succeed when there is an incredible bond of trust between horse and rider"...also the incredible liberty training for War Horse (and the many moments she shared with Spielberg)...and how she's working through some incredibly sad tragedies that have come her way.  An inspiring and interesting listen, especially if you love animals :)

*the crying bit was done with before I hit the gym!

Design Resources: Font The Short Caps by Heather Joyce