From Etsy to Vogue, Bicycle Finds

Love To Ride

As soon as Spring hits, I start the mental count down to Daylight me it means one thing and one thing only...time to ride. Every year between the beginning of Daylight Saving and until I run out of light after work in April, I hit the road & bush tracks with my mountain bike & my iPod shuffle and I LOVE it. Seriously, there are no words to describe how much I love it....clears my head, relieves stress, replaces indoor workouts at the gym...just me and the sun, blue skies, a pumping playlist, new hills to tackle...I would be lost without it. So, to celebrate...I have made a little collection of bicycle related finds that I hope you might like.  I might be a mountain bike girl, but I do love the look of a vintage bicycle when it comes to this kind of stuff...much prettier! As you can see, my yellow/grey colour crush shows no sign of slowing down. The hot pink bike print that I've put in a frame above is from Twiggs Photography  and can be ordered in all kinds of forms including laptop/iPad skins!

Bicycle Finds from Etsy

(Above) 1. Sterling Silver Bike with Brass Hearts by Rachel Pfeffer Designs 2. Bicycle Handlebar Clutch by Mercy & Ruth Handbags 3. 24 Set of Bicycle Button Pins by G&G Buttons 4. Chevron Bicycle Seat Cover by MellowVelo 5. Handcrafted Stamp by Brown Pigeon

Bicycle Prints from Etsy

(Above) 1. Life is Like Riding a Bicycle Print by Vol. 25 2. Two Bicycles print by NacNic 3. Keep Calm & Ride On print by PosterPop 4. Paris Bicycle Romance print by Shell Sherree

Bicycle Finds from Etsy 2

(Above) 1. Classic Vintage Style Bicycle Bag by Snootsie 2. iPad Case on Blue Polka Dot Linen by Track & Field Designs 3. Fabric Magnet Board by Livy Lou Designs 4. Pillow Covers by Boomerang360

Cycle Spacer

I've come to realise I'm very lucky to live in such a pro-cycling town with so many great bike tracks (on and off road) and stores to choose from. Which reminds me, I should be taking the bike in for a clean up and service this weekend...get everything squeaky clean & smooth again....start thinking about my magpie dodging tactics for the early days!

You might also be interested in this post via the Design Files about Northside Wheelers, a quirky vintage/high-end cycling focused store in Prahran. This print is sweet...who doesn't like taking off on a cycling adventure for the day with a partner in crime? (Don't ask Luke about the last time we did that...I think the only way I will ever convince him of another joint ride is to buy him a new bike...long story!) Lastly, this website ...which isn't loading for me tonight for some worth checking out when it comes back online...and then subscribing to in Google Reader...anyone who can match bicycles to outfits in Vogue is a worthy blog addition!

Design Elements

  • Frame around title picture from One Little Birds "La Belle Vie" kit
  • Other elements on frame and stamp above from One Little Bird's "Pedal Pusher" includes a freebie add-on kit which is what I've used here.
  • Numbers are part of the Project Life Digital Version, Clementine Elements
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