Playing Tourist...


Have you ever played tourist in your own town? I just went back through my iPhoto library and noticed a lot of photos taken over the last month that don't really fit under one topic in particular...just us exploring our own home town! We spent a lot of time wandering around View Street on the Saturday of the Writers Festival weekend. Coffee at Cafe El Beso, browsing at The Meadow, the Co.Lab exhibition at View Point Gallery...and the blogging/social media session at the Bendigo Writers Festival.

El Gordo Chancery Lane

We finished up the day at El Gordo with a hot chocolate, a shared red velvet cupcake & John Barter's "Lonely Planet" exhibition...illustrations incorporating those little metal ring pulls from drink cans...quirky & sweet! We happened to catch that exhibition on the day it closed,  but keep an eye on El Gordo's Facebook page for more information about new ones.

Bendigo Woollen Mills

I am in no way a knitter or into sewing (unless sewing paper counts!) but I was on the lookout for some wool for a project I'm working on...hopefully you'll get to see it here if it turns out how I'm picturing it in my head!  So I stopped by the Bendigo Woollen Mills to have a look at what they had available. Made me wish I was the type of person who could just whip up a scarf in a weekend.  I did start one back when we first got married...I must've been going through a domestic phase (that's long since disappeared!)'s lying unfinished in a drawer, knitting needles still attached *sigh* But, how gorgeous does all that wool look...there are literally walls of it (and a bargain room out the back!)

Hudsons Hub Mr Duke

We heard that Mr Duke had an exhibition at Hudson's Hub & stopped by last week on the way home from work as we'd seen one of Mr Duke's pieces the last time we stopped by.  They really are fascinating, and hard to catch on camera.  Literally pieces of cardboard with the corrugated cross sections facing to the front...and the darker pieces are where the corrugations have been collapsed, the lighter pieces are where it still holds its original shape, and I think it's all held together by wiring that you can't see.  You kind've have to stand back from them to see the patterns...there are all kinds of iconic faces from Audrey Hepburn to The Joker...which incidentally has sold already. Anyway, it was really interesting...the exhibition runs until the end of September so check it out.

Old Green Bean

Lastly...we've been brunching at Old Green Bean a lot that place (and Chris' accent, and Zoe's style!)...need to do a whole separate post to capture everything there is to see and eat there.  Also, having a major crush on all of the have sun with actual warmth in it again...I'd forgotten what that felt like.  Spring seems to be coming and going a bit this last week. Hurry up and stick around Spring, we're ready to leave Winter behind!

Design Elements: Word art from Rue & Serendipity, both by Paislee Press

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