The Opening of an Etsy Store

Opening an Etsy store is both simple and's carving your own little corner in the world...taking designs you've turned over in your head for years and making them into something physical that anyone can click through and choose to take's a lot of work, and a lot of fun...with a smidge of nerves fluttering on the side :)

Visit my online store  here .

Visit my online store here.

The short version...

  • 8x10 unframed prints on 300GSM Museo Portfolio Cotton Rag archival fine art paper (A4)
  • Printed in Melbourne (as ordered), carefully packaged up in Bendigo, posted anywhere in the world
  • Designed using photography, stitching, hand drawn elements, chalkboard, macarons, sprinkles...curious? Watch the video further down :)
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  • Visit the store (see permanent link to Store in site menu above!)

Three design options...

  1. Custom Version... customised with name/s and date of your choosing...perfect for the arrival of a little one, a wedding or anniversary, a housewarming or hostess gift...or a gift just for you!
  2. Quote Version... same or similar design to custom prints, but featuring sweet/funny/inspiring quotes that I've come across and love
  3. Digital Custom Version... to print yourself, sent as a high quality image file after the name/s and date have been added to the design by me.

The story behind the store...

I did an online course with two amazing women...Jess and Clare (Bowditch!)...called Etsy Resolution that takes a big concept and breaks it down into bite sized achievable pieces, all wrapped up in a welcoming online community that you can pester with questions at any stage of the process. Loved. 

Part of this involved breaking down your story for your "about page"...what is it about creating that you love, why are you creating and who are you creating for? Here's mine...

The raw edges of fabric, the warmth of stitching and the occasional wayward thread. The layering of watercolours, or the boldness of black ink. Crumpled linen and the stories typography can tell. Life and light through the lens of my camera and a digital palette. These are what I love to learn about and create with. 

It all started when I was a was impossible to find any personalised gift with my name on it. There were plenty of Tanyas with a y...but Tania with an i wasn't on any kind of merchandise radar. I remember years of madly pawing through those display carousels of drink bottles of stuffed heart sinking when I got to the T's and there she was...always and only Tanya. Until the day that someone brought home a little pink stamp they'd picked up whilst travelling...Tania with an i...surrounded by teeny tiny pink hearts. That moment of actually seeing my own name on something after I'd been looking for so long has always stuck with me...and I still have that little stamp to this day!

So I wanted to be part of creating something personalised especially for you...and that's how the idea of Petit Pixel Design came to be. Whether it be a framed print in the nursery of your newest little arrival...or a keepsake framed on the gift table at your wedding. Maybe a first anniversary present (it is made of paper after all!)...or a housewarming/hostess gift. I believe you can't underestimate the feeling of seeing your own name in print...especially when it comes to little ones...even more-so with the unique spelling of names being more popular then ever.

For every print I made, I decided to include a variation with a quote or cute phrase. I'm addicted to collecting them on Pinterest and wanted to display some for myself so I thought why not share them with you! Displaying positive words in your home or work environment can only make you feel even better, right? :)

I'm at my happiest when I'm in my workspace, the Saturday afternoon sun filtering through the curtains...sometimes with our crazy little rescue dog sitting at my feet (if he approves of my Spotify playlist that is!)...pencil or paintbrush in my hand...making something that reflects the beautiful imperfections of sketched lettering and the texture of stitched thread. 

Press play for a peek into Petit Pixel Design via Vimeo

So, I hope you have as much fun exploring the store as I did putting everything together. If you'd like to stay in touch with store/blog news and giveaways via a once or twice a month newsletter...feel free to put your address in the form below :)

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