Loving Lately in March

To Infinity & Beyonce; a melancholy cast of furry little things by Ashley G; Eva Black's delicious curation of creative spaces; and chronic oversharer and lettering queen Jessica Hische's secret to keeping your inbox under control...things I'm loving lately.

  • You know what? I don't think anyone is ever going to come up with a replacement for email that the whole world adopts unanimously...so maybe it's time I bit the bullet and tried a system for keeping it under control before it takes over my brain. I'm married to one of those people whose inbox is basically empty mere seconds after an email has been read and apparently committed to memory. I, on the other hand, am a someone who has to hide their unread count because it gives me the jitters. I blame online shopping. Nevertheless...if you run your own business or are responsible for a grown up inbox full of important correspondence...I'm thinking you might love Jessice Hische's approach to going from a 300-500 mail inbox...to maintaining a 20 mail inbox. Who is Jessica Hische? Only a legendary type designer and illustrator with a tendency towards oversharing. Love her, love this. 
  • Will I ever tire of sharing/pinning/pining over creative space tours? Nope. I do hope, then, that you love them as much as I do...because once I've found a delicious series curated by another seriously talented designer...then I ignore all impulses the contrary and must share it with you stat. Go forth and browse...Eva Black's "Spaces"
  • Maybe I should re-title this post "Design Crushes" and just be done with it because next up,  the story of (and Sadie Magazine's interview with) Ashley Goldberg ...who started with an Etsy store full of whimsical-with-a-side-of-melancholy character prints...and now she's smashing it on a whole other level collaborating with Urban Outfitters and Studio Calico and lots of other delicious stuff. Mostly, I love that she explains she walks around with a similar melancholy-like face to her little cast of furry characters...people often asking her what's wrong...nothing is, that's just her neutral expression. I am so on the same page...I get that question ALL the time! I still love my Ashley Goldberg print from way back when she was just her Etsy store :)
  • Lastly...Down That Little Lane's "To Infinity & Beyonce" print by Wild Hearts Online. Because any space has the potential to be lifted by a Beyonce reference, yeah? :)