One Fine Day - Bendigo Magazine Autumn 2015

Have you seen those “explore a city in a day” guides that you can get for if you happen to be somewhere epic like London for only 24 hours and you want a little taste of the city without it being overly touristy? I love that idea…and often wonder what I would put in a Bendigo version and how it would change depending on who was on the receiving end of my little one day guide.  

I would want it to have a kind’ve wandering spontaneous feel…with the chance for them to make their own discoveries as they go…I think you fall in love with a place a little more that way. So here’s my version…one fine day. (Below are excerpts from the article which can be read in full in the latest issue of the Bendigo Magazine)

"I’m heading out on a crisp Sunday morning…with the promise of warmth to follow…let’s say an early autumn weekend.  There’s a relaxed feel to the city on a Sunday morning, which is just what you need. We’re starting with breakfast at Sim’R…where you’re likely to find a collection of bikes and cyclists gathered on the outdoor tables opposite the library in the sun. A good rule of thumb…cyclists know where the best brunches are to be found...! "

"Trove market gathers around the circular heritage listed Good Loaf Bakery building and showcases all kinds of beautiful local products. I’ve tried to summarise them in a single sentence but that just won’t do them justice.  Markets are made for curiously wandering without knowing what you’re going to find anyway! If you want to meet and chat with the makers…discover some some new indie businesses to follow on social media…or stock up on some presents to take home…you’ve found the right place..."

"I like to start by browsing in my own little world, being creatively inspired by all the markety goodness; then maybe starting a conversation with a stallholder I’ve just stumbled across that it turns out I follow on Instagram; then run into some familiar faces for a chat and an “oooh what did you buy?!” conversation.  This all hums along nicely to the soundtrack of live music in the background, the sizzle of a charity focused BBQ, and the tastebud tempting waft of the curry truck preparing for lunch.  But if you’re anything like me, you’d easily be forgiven for snacking on a carrot cupcake from the Good Loaf or grabbing a coffee from Brewhouse across the road midway through the market as well... "

"Lastly, this kind of day is asking for an afternoon picnic…and there are plenty of parklands just waiting for you to roll out your picnic rug. If it were me, I’d have frozen yoghurt or ice cream in hand…with Favourite Flavours, Cold Rock & Pall Mall Café all within walking distance of Rosalind Park. Perhaps you’ve already brought along some treats from the market…and any local will tell you take home pumpkin bread from the Good Loaf is a must..." 

Read the full article in the Bendigo Magazine Autumn 2015 issue available this weekend.

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