Finding Flywheel

Let's just say that any store with a whole drawer dedicated to printing press ampersands is pretty much straight up going to win my heart and then some...


Finding Flywheel was, I think, due to Instagram (as if I needed more reasons to be smitten with this social media platform.) Truth be known, I would've tried to mentally file it away as a place to visit...but you know the saying "my brain has too many tabs open"...well this tab slipped off my toolbar. Then I cooked up an idea to fly solo to Tasmania, rent a car and road trip it somewhere with my sister...and we randomly picked New Norfolk because she had a foggy memory of me mentioning a store there I wanted to visit, and it was close enough to Hobart that we weren't likely to need afternoon naps along the way ;)

Hmmm, how to describe New Norfolk? I pictured it as a ye-olde-antique laden town bursting at the seams with quaintness and bunting made out of doilies. It certainly has its moments...pockets of picturesque old buildings...the river...stone walls and hilly streets.  Tourism websites feature this side. There is also a "I don't quite know what I'm going to find next" element of browsing (see my last collage of pictures)...and the occasional person you might pass in the street that does a double take because clearly you're a tourist and maybe they weren't expecting you...? It's hard to put it into words...but mix all these elements proximity to Hobart...a gorgeous drive there...and two sisters giddy with the excitement of a bag of protein balls to share on the open road and you have yourself a road trip! Finding Flywheel was most definitely a serendipitous moment and one I plan on reliving one day soon...afterall I do need to collect the rest of the letters in my name seeing as I only bought the T (to make room for other purchases!)

Describing themselves as "the result of the love of beautiful stationery, vintage finds and letterpress printing of a mother and daughters team" they really are everything you could want if you are obsessed with typewriters and maps...polka dot wrapping paper and japanese tape...drool worthy journals and vintage signage. Featured in Country Style magazine, once you set foot in this space you will do many many benchmark for a gorgeous store. Have I mentioned baskets and cabinets FULL of letterpress printing blocks? Oh - and a glass wall in the back so you can watch the goings on with the letterpress machinery itself? There is no stationery-lovin' letterpress-geek Country-Style-reader that could leave this store with only one purchase in hand...I freaking dare you ;) 

If you continue wandering New Norfolk, you may need to rummage deeper but who knows what you will find. No rummaging required should you be after this lively-life-like-stuffed-cat. Also, perhaps we were in peacock country unknowingly, but check out the response rate to that ad! 

You will find Flywheel at 42 High Street, New Norfolk, Tasmania. Kicking myself for not having read their website before visiting....they have another store in the same town..The Drill Hall Emporium at 17 Stephen Street. Lucky you know about both of sure to tell me if you visit! Both websites include online stores.