Two Sisters, One Breakfast

My sister and I have started a tradition of sorts when we visit each other...she in Tasmania, me in Victoria. We pick a recipe from whatever cookbook is currently our favourite...the more unusual the better...and make it together. Usually it is breakfast related because waking up to something special for breakfast will warm your toes even if you're not wearing slippers.

This time, I had flown over the sea to the little isle she calls home...and her cook book of choice was The Green Kitchen....also a blog...all over delicious and lovely. We had been to the farmer's market on a Sunday watching the gumboots and latte sippers mingle...she darting from one tent to another with the hound-like nose of a local who knows where the best finds are. I wander aimlessly with my camera...snapping pictures of whatever grabs my eye...more often than not it's a dog patiently waiting for it's owner...sniffing the crisp morning air that you can only find in Tasmania.

We made the Chia & Raspberry Breakfast Smoothie Meets Pudding in a Jar....half my title, half theirs. It feels different to eat something of pudding consistency that's cold in the morning...and I added a little honey to mine to balance the tartness of the berries (don't skip the nut butter because this helps balance that tartness out also). And so we sat, with a jar and a bowl, in our pajamas discussing what the day held for us. Follow the link above to find the recipe from the Green Kitchen. Below is the trailer for the book...I love finding previews for books and this one is especially beautiful.

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