Summer of Procrastination...

...where the temperature can't even make up it's mind what it's supposed to be doing...and I am turning my back on normal routines like even the vaguest of meal planning in favour of curling up with book one of Outlander...or just curling up in general :) SO...if you're prone to avoiding blog posts where one wraps up everything they've learned in the past year in a pretty neat bow...or posts that set out all of 2015's goals in neat handwriting with check boxes...sit back and relax because I'm not going there. I thought following Pip's lead might be a good place to start...

Posting on  Instagram

Posting on Instagram

Making : currently working on a miniature envelope project...and facing a giant hurdle...crochet squares
Drinking : Green Tea with a teeny tiny splash of apple juice to help get me used to the flavour
Reading: Outlander(aka Cross Stitch) know that delicious feeling at the beginning of a series with at least 6 books and counting to go? Yup, that's right where I am :)
Wanting: IKEA to be closer than it is
Looking: forward to Tasmania...rented a weekender with my sister and some of her new family
Playing: right now, Jason Mraz
Deciding: how early is too early to go to bed and read
Wishing: that the weather would make up it's mind...the central heating turned on automatically in our house the other an Australian summer...what the?!
Enjoying: the afternoon sun filtering softly through linen curtains
Waiting: for a parcel from The Iconic ... I'm 100% addicted to Skechers Go Walk 2's

Pinning over  here ...

Pinning over here...

Liking: that Pinterest and I have rekindled our flame lately...I pinned a LOT over the break
Wondering: if it's possible that walking into a spider's web can transfer a spider from your t-shirt to your bed...probably should have left said shirt on the floor for once
Loving: defrosted corn fritters for work lunches
Smelling: not much lately...can't seem to shake this stuffy nose left over from a summer cold
Wearing: lots of t-shirt dresses when it's hot, and adding leggings when it's cold
Following: I just added Dwell to my Pinterest feeds
Admiring: people who get stuff do I import that personality trait permanently??
Sorting: through random vintage notepapers for said miniature envelope project
Buying: a new iPhone cover from can tell where my heart is right now by the choice I made ;)
Bookmarking: the last thing I added to Pocket was this hand lettering class by Made Vibrant
Disliking: wasps...there's a nest outside my window...Luke disarmed it but it still looks nasty
Last Added Track to Spotify: You're the One That I want by Lo-Fang (play below in SoundCloud)

Opening: this notebook by Kikki stationery loving heart skipped a beat or three
Feeling: a lot more motivated than when I started this blog post a week ago...I hope it sticks! :)
Snacking: on protein balls
Hearing: The occasional muted burping of pumpkin soup on the stove...I might be ready for Autumn 4 weeks early...bring it!

If you've posted a version of Pip's "Taking Stock" on your blog I'd love to read it. Other than that...if you have a killer tip for how leave procrastination behind I am all ears :)

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