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My favourite moment about Christmas is waking up in the dark...before the birds have even started to stir....the house is so simply still. I think about what the day brings with it...hugs and ripping of paper...the feeling you get when you see someone truly loves what you chose to give them...Riley reluctantly accepting his Christmas Bow (I swear he struts a little more after having it attached to his collar!)

I think about what happened this year, all the things...happy and sad...that lead up to this moment. The loving so fiercely and then letting go. My Grandpa passed away recently...so as family start to arrive at our house today, I will remember when he came to Christmas last...pausing on our front door step to kiss me on the forehead and say "Hello Beautiful" with that cheeky smile that so often overflowed from him. 

I saved this quote from Ali Edwards blog years go. I think of this too...

Before the celebrations begin, let me turn my heart to You. 
No gift has ever been so costly.
No gift has ever been so treasured.
Each gift that I will receive today reminds me that I have received the most profound Gift that can ever be given, and I am filled with gratitude.
Today we will hug, laugh and remember, and enjoy each other.

And I think of the people who would rather it be any other day than Christmas...or would rather be anywhere else at this time...

I take a deep breath, slip out of bed and look for my socks...I will do my best to take it all in, and not take it for granted...this day.

I usually take a little blogging break at this time of the year :) Officially I will be back at the beginning of February...but I think I'll pop in and re-post a few of my older favourites in the meantime...dust off those archives! Wherever you may be today...I hope your Christmas is lovely, calm and bright :) xx

The graphic is part of a set of free printable gift tags from 2010 by Eat Drink Chic, available here.

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