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A laugh that sounds like a hug coming through your earbuds...a free online course about setting up an Etsy to live with more intention...and life with a stutter. Today I'm sharing two new-to-me podcasts that I'm listening to, and two online classes that I'm taking. I learned about all of these from other people's blog posts so in the spirit of sharing I'm passing them on in case you find something you love too :)

The Show & Tell podcast brings Chrissie Swan & Monty Dimond together for a random chat about who knows never know where they will venture...but they're both unflinchingly honest (and ridiculously funny) about ... well pretty much everything. Chrissie has the kind of laugh that sounds like a cheeky warm hug would (if it had a sound!) coming at your through your earbuds...Monty just comes out with the craziest thoughts...and together they are just perfection. It's rare that a new podcast climbs straight to the top of my favourites but I knew this one would before I even heard the first them.

Mamma Mia Out Loud is like an audio version of the popular Aussie website Mamma Mia. Celebrity gossip, books and movie recommendations...a round-up of current events and can zone out without having to think too much which is where my brain is usually at by the time I get to the cross trainer.

So you know how I put off starting my Etsy store for as long as I've been writing this blog? What's that...four years...has it really been that long?! Well...all it took was for Clare Bowditch (of the amazing Big Hearted Business, not to mention much loved actor & singer) to start a crash course in revamping (or in my case setting up!) an Etsy store... along with Jess Van Den of Creative & Thrive (also an Etsy seller). It's free, it's 6 weeks, it has an active Facebook group for feedback/discussions...and it covers stuff that applies to small creative businesses in general (price setting, postage tips and tricks, product photography, marketing etc etc) and I'm sure it will run again. In fact, I think it might still be open if you want to try it out. Check out Etsy Resolution here.

Lastly, Jess Lively of one of my favourite podcasts The Lively Show has an online course that runs a few times a year called Life with Intention Online. A very brief summary from her site would be "this course ditches traditional paths to "happiness" and "success" and rebuilds out approach to possessions, personal habits, relationships and career from the ground up." I had heard so many good things about addition to the fact that one enrolment gives you lifetime access...and aside from the course there's a bunch of extra materials related to business with intention too. Just knowing Jess' she's built up her creative businesses and faced and overcome very real hurdles (including an eating disorder)...I just felt like she had a lot I could learn from...maybe you might too :) I've already found two girls from Melbourne in the community that runs alongside the of them turned out to be following me on instagram already...which is crazy considering the course is US based :)

Did I say lastly already? Now for reals yourself a favour and watch this TED talk with Megan Washington...Australian singer/songwriter...about living life with a stutter...and performing so freaking beautifully. The courage this would take, and the freedom that would come with it...

Thanks for reading...I hope you found something to further explore and pass on to someone else :)

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