Handmade with Love, and Lots of Glitter

If you're the kind of person who could spend a day on the couch in your pajamas distracted by Pinterest instead of getting your Christmas shopping done; if you make a beeline for coffee above presents early on Christmas morning; if your cat gets in on the gift giving...or all of the above...this post is for you! Polaroid Gift Tags ready for an upcoming market, including a digital download of twelve cards available right now ;)

Ever since I was a kid, all I ever wanted to do was design greeting cards. I used to make these crazy one-off designs using ripped out pages from magazines. I remember making some really dark sympathy cards at one stage. I think I thought I was being edgy and artistic (at age 6!) and was devastated when Mum didn't see the genius behind those particular ideas. In hindsight, it's lucky I took her advice and didn't lead with the dark and stormy range...and whilst greeting cards are probably still in my future...for now I've been working on these for the Bendigo Makers Crib.

I call them "Polaroid Gift Tags"...slightly bigger than your average gift tag (3x4 inches) with enough white space for handwriting at the bottom.  The perfect size for when you want more than just a teeny tiny gift tag but not a full on card. They come in chalkboard (white on black with visual texture), rainbow colour (the mint is hands down my favourite...surprise!), and kraft (white on a neutral beige with visual texture)

There are classic greetings...all in hand drawn circles...such as "Joy to The World" and "Just For You." But you know I couldn't leave it there....there's also a quirky set that includes Christmas greetings that are just a little bit different. My favourites are "Shhh I haven't had my coffee yet! P.S. Merry Christmas" for when you're sitting in your pajamas on the couch and it's way too early for the excitement of Christmas sans caffeine. There's also "Handmade with love, a lot of glue, some pipe cleaners, an excessive amount of glitter and...oh ok I found it for you online alright?!" I think that one speaks for itself :) 

I have bunches of them already bundled up and ready to go as packs or singles at the Bendigo Makers' Crib Shop at the Schaller Studio Art Series Hotel (Cnr of Lucan & Bayne Streets) open December 14-20 open 7 days until 6:30PM.  For those that can't make it, or want some now I've included a few cards from each collection in a twelve card digital download for $5.00 over on Etsy. The twelve cards you'll receive in a printable PDF are shown in clickable previews below :)

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