Various States of Undress

The various states of undress of the peonies on my coffee table...crazy cute loafers...polka dot own range of candy coloured polaroid gift tags...and the song that will probably end up being on repeat all summer...things making me happy today :)

  • My Rollies as designed by Laura Blythman arrived today...a birthday present that has been much anticipated...what every girl who loves to wear all black should have...a crazy cute pair of loafers!
  • How sweet are these metallic polka dot folders from Office Works? I went there in search of scissors but came back with extra stationery... #totaladdict
  • Putting together fun packages in bright colours for the upcoming pop-up shop...there are both serious and silly versions of these polaroid gift tags...can't wait to share them all with you soon!
  • The early arrival of a special little bundle of joy for one of my dearest friends...he has no idea how long he was dreamed of...and how much is already loved. Can't wait to meet him! 
  • Watching these peonies unfold a little more each day as they reach towards the sunlight from the coffee play if you like.

And lastly...completely crushing on Ryan Adam's version of Taylor Swift's "This Love" which you can play below :)

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