Loving Lately...

Why babies nap outdoors in Sweden, how you would sculpt the feeling "giddy", a super cute map of Nashville (minus Rayna James' house dammit!) and love for Moomin quotes...things I'm loving lately...

1. A Cup of Jo's post about what it's like to be a parent in Sweden as part of her Motherhood Around the World series. I'm not a parent but I'm curious about it, especially how it's different the world over. Let's just say Sweden take their parental leave a lot more seriously than Australia does...believe in napping outdoors...place a huge value on spending time in fresh air and nature...and the term fredagsmys which I could totally be the ambassador for!

2. This Etsy article about how Mitsy from ArtMind lost her creative mojo after the loss of a parent, and how a custom order helped her get her groove back. You totally need to check out her store, she sculptures feelings (the above pictured one is comfort). The custom piece was to represent how it feels to be living in a war torn country, separated from your partner who is also in the same scenario...and looking forward to sharing a space together again. Talk about a brief to spark creativity!

3. Speaking of Scandinavia, I grew up loving the tales of the Moomins...and as such was delighted to stumble across this page of Moomin quotes. Like this one: “They were indescribably beautiful, and they seemed to be aware of it. They danced coquettishly, freely and openly, for themselves, for each other, for the island, for the sea – it seemed to be all the same to them..." 

4. Seeing as I'm all over maps lately, and travelling to Nashville next year, this map of A Beautiful Mess' favourite Nashville places couldn't have been more timely :)

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