The Best Eye Cream Ever & Other Favourites

The other week, I randomly stumbled across the best eye cream in the world and I thought I can't not share this with someone. So I texted my sister who understands the hereditary gift our family has bestowed upon the way of bags (including carry-on some days!) under our eyes no matter how much sleep we get. Then I emailed a few friends. But then I got to thinking how I love reading about other people's all time favourite beauty products (it's like a virtual paw through their makeup bag no?)...and maybe if I shared my everyday favourites here* of you might share your latest favourite find with me...yes? :)

So. from left to right...outside of the standard foundation/cleanser/mascara...this is what goes on my face every day...all are genuine me-finds...nothing sponsored here ladies! :)

  1. Sukin Facial Moisturiser found at Chemist Warehouse $9.95
  2. Nivea Light Feel Daily Face Veil found at Priceline for $12.99
  3. She Pure Magic Primer found at Priceline for $14.95
  4. Bobbi Brown Bronzer found at Bobbi Brown (I buy at Myer) for $60
  5. Nars Blush found at Mecca (I buy at Myer) for $39
  6. Benefit Boing Concealer found at Myer for $36
  7. Benefit Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow found at Adore Beauty (I buy at Myer) for $29
  8. Benefit "Big Beautiful Eyes" found at Adore Beauty (I buy at Myer) for $59
  9. Benefit "Gimme Brow" found at Myer for $30
  10. People for Plants Eye Cream found at Priceline for $19.95 

Random thoughts on the above...aka why I stuck with them this long...

  • I never thought I'd let go of my Philosophy moisturiser in favour of my sister's all time favourite Sukin...but after going to NYC where winter + flying + being-thirty-something dried my skin out to the max...I grew to love a thick creamy moisturiser
  • On the other hand, can't stand thick and creamy sunscreens on my this light feel daily face veil by Nivea is awesome...and broad spectrum SPF 30
  • My sister in law got me onto this primer. I don't think, for me, there will ever be a primer that stops my foundation budging until the end of the day (is that a myth or is it just me?!) but almost every other primer itched my face for a few minutes after application...this one didn't...hence the love
  • My boss once told me that my face blended seamlessly into the whiteboard my desk sits in front of. That day I decided maybe there was good reason behind people using bronzer...and this was a fave of a friend at I bought it, and kept it :)
  • The cult classic shade known as "Orgasm" that if they ever stop manufacturing, I will cry. Had to pair this with bronzer to help combat the whiteboard wouldn't go a day without
  • Ah concealer...a girl's best friend...and 100% necessary when you don't sleep through the night ever. Boing came in in the kit further down and I have kept up with it ever since
  • Forget how I found this but never going back. "No Pressure!" is my current everyday shade...and the retro packaging is sweet
  • When you don't have a big sister to teach you, and your Mum isn't into makeup, you tend to gravitate towards little kits like this one who make the application of multiple eye layers/products a no brainer when you're starting to branch out. That's when I picked this baby up and have loved ever since...the eyeliner shadow is my absolute fave...have never bought another eyeliner since
  • Do you also have unruly eyebrows that are liable to end up in their own Fred-Savage-Singular-Incredulous-Eyebrow-Raise-From-The-Wonder-Years at a random point during the day? Me too...we should totes be besties!!! Gimme Brow will keep them in place...and fill in little patches that might need more colour if you got carried away with the tweezers because you were listening to a podcast during an eyebrow shaping session
  • Last but not least...the eye cream that rocked up as a random sample in a recent order from I can't even remember where.  Now, I'm not telling you this eye cream is going to banish bags under the eyes completely (unless you have little light puffy ones instead of dedicated luggage like me)...but it does make enough of a difference for me to not consider switching for a long time. I've tried a lot of products to target this area...some way more pricey than this little wonder...for $20 how can you go past trying it out? I hope you love it as much as I do :)

There you have it. Surely you must have something in your makeup bag that you love to death and wouldn't pass with even for a lifetime's supply of Green & Black's chocolate? If so, I really truly want to hear about it. You can comment below, or hit me up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the links on my site or at the bottom of the post. Will love you forever, promise! xx

*Also right now I am madly working on wedding invitations for my lovely cousin-to-be and time is of the essence so a short little makeup faves post seemed like the perfect thing this week :)

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