Dear Oceans, Time Zones & Long Country Roads

Letters to a rabbit named Collin, Bendigo in Springtime, Scotland, and Long Country Roads.  I saw this blog post called Dear So & So on Goodnight Little Spoon and fell in love with the concept. Given my love of mail, and my eternally overactive imagination...I thought I would try it. Although, it has to be said...I am no artist when it comes to pen and paper but I do love to play :)

Dear Collin*

You are the most energetic & fearless little bundle of fluff I have ever stumbled across on our nightly walk. If rabbit-napping wasn’t frowned upon, I could easily tuck you into my puffer jacket and continue on our way…seeing the sights of suburbia through your glistening little optimistic eyes. However for your own safety, you should know that though Riley shares the same sized ears as you, he most likely views you as a pre-dinner snack…the same way you look at an organic carrot…the same way I look at Nestle Old Gold Dark Chocolate. For that reason, we couldn’t stop and chat tonight. Thanks for understanding.

*Collin’s name has been changed to protect his identity. His real name is equally un-rabbit-like

Dear Bendigo

At the turn of every season I decide this is your best season yet. The gorgeously plump tulip beds are the best thing about spending Spring with you...not to mention the blossom lined streets. It really is so impossibly hard to stay inside and concentrate on work when you look like this. Last Spring I left you behind for winter in New York City…I think that is why I am appreciating you even more this time around. Let’s make up for lost time in the form of soaking up the sunshine…


Dear Outlander

Who knew you could grip me so? I almost turned you down, thinking you were another Game of Thrones…(which I can’t watch without unfolding a giant map of interlocking family trees and pausing ever three seconds to ask what’s going on...not to mention my squeamish-ness). I am in love with the crumbling stones and impossible wildness of Scotland…Claire’s dresses…even Jamie’s grubby kilts. I find myself holding my breath out of sadness, in the face of violence, for the possibility of love…every episode. That words and threads of the real life romance between producer and costume designer are woven into the story of Claire & Jamie is just another detail with which I am smitten.


Dear Oceans, Time Zones & Long Country Roads

This week you are separating parts of my family in a time when we need each other most. I am ever so grateful for instant messaging, emails, landlines (remember those?) and texting more than before. Though it breaks my heart that hugs can’t be given right now, when a tiny little screen lights up the darkness of a late night showing words of love…in that moment the distance narrows.

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