Todays Are For The Taking Hold Of...

Sharing the creative process behind making this print and Project Life cards about learning not to take todays for three creative bloggers who inspire me...and answering some questions from Aimee as part of a creative blog tour :)

Aimee from Betwixt & Between shared this 'blog tour' + questions concept with me. First I need to answer some questions about projects I'm working on and how I approach creative processes. Then I nominate three creative bloggers who inspire me. If they choose to continue the blog tour...they do the same :) So...answers to questions:

1. What am I working on right now?

Lately the concept of not taking todays for granted has really hit home with me, and I wanted to make something to remind me of that approach. It's easy to slip back into routine and forget that every day is a gift...sometimes it takes a bigger life moment to shake things up a little and put everything into perspective. I also wanted to include some spring blossoms (which are everywhere at the moment)...and a photo of my vintage camera. Not sure where the triangle idea came from but I drew these and scanned them in and played in Photoshop for awhile and this was the result. Kind've liking the black/white/spring green pallete it ended up being! Then I thought that little phrase might be cute as Project Life cards so I made some of those too :) 

2. How long does it take me to create a project?

Depends on whether it starts with paper pen and glue...or digital...or becomes a bit of both. Also working full time means I usually only work on things in snatches. Though sometimes I get lost in Photoshop on a 'school night' when I've got a concept in my head and don't realise the time...and have to keep going until I've finished. This is kind've a `how long is a piece of string' question for me :)

3. What are my favourite things to create with at the moment?

I'm really loving learning how to turn things I make with pen/pencil/paint on paper into something digital. So I would have to say, fine liners...sketch pad...wacom tablet & a camera...always a camera :) I think the last thing I bought creative wise was a little watercolour those too.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

If I'm writing a blog post, like right long as I'm in a room on my own and I have an idea to run with,  I can usually write start to finish. Then Luke proof reads for the things I don't notice when I'm madly typing :) If I'm writing an article...I plug in earbuds and play something instrumental (usually a track from The Notebook soundtrack on loop!) until I'm takes way longer...and often if you walked past the study you'd see me with my head in my hands because I can't get it to sound the way it feels in my head (hard to explain) but I love when I'm finished and it turns out how I hoped it would :)

Making stuff is different...I'm usually a little tornado of mess and ideas, moving around the house following good daylight or collecting props...trying things out to see what works and what doesn't. If there are mundane editing parts to a project I'll be using my tablet whilst listening to a podcast or videos online. It's always a bit different...but I never notice what's going on around me...poor Luke or anyone who happens to visit...they have to tear me away!

5. How do I become inspired or stay inspired?

I guess the main thing is always trying to keep my eyes open...sometimes things outside grab me (like the spring blossoms)...or I'm influenced by something happening around me (like not taking todays for granted)...or I saw something on instagram that sparked an idea. Of course there's always the rabbit hole that is Pinterest...time sucker/inspiration giver that! There are times I have to cut myself off from all sources due to 'visual overload' and my ideas get all jumbled...I have to minimise digital exposure and kind've reset the browsing tabs in my brain so to speak :)

6. What is my signature style?

I looove whitespace...and stitching (on paper)...and the randomness of hand drawn lines...I don't know, I think it's always changing and because I'm inside of my "style" I find it hard to define it if that makes sense. Maybe you can see it better than I can! :)

So now, three bloggers that inspire me creatively that you might like to explore...

1. Meet Me At Mikes / Pip Lincolne: one of Australia's best known crafty bloggers who love making pom-poms (check out that exhibition sweet!) and sitting by the heater in her slippers...there are many who would count her DIY/blogging escapades as their inspiration...she will always be a staple on my blog roll.

2. Miss Zali: Miss Z has the sweetest quirky not afraid to be herself...and draws a lot of delicious little sketches that reflect her individual flair.

3. Goodnight Little Spoon: I found Bianca when looking for Tasmanian bloggers to follow...I think that the best ideas of places to go and things to do always comes from locals...and I visit my sister in Tasmania heaps so the more ideas for our crazy adventures the better! It just so happens that Bianca is a completely talented illustrator...loves red and purple (one of my favourite colour combos!) and has a soft spot for letter writing and mail swaps. Love. 

So hopefully you've discovered a blogger or two to follow. Thanks for listening to me rattle on about making stuff...and to Aimee (see below) for including me in her part of a creative blog tour :)

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