Around Here in July & August

Chocolate Bliss Balls...a hurricane and thunderstorms...Clare Bowditch and rummaging through shops filled with lovely old things...otherwise known as life around here lately :)

Pinning Lately...come and join me with my Pinterest addiction  here !

Pinning Lately...come and join me with my Pinterest addiction here!

MAKING a complete mess of this house working on a bunch of photos which hopefully will get picked to be in an online mag so I can share them!

COOKING Kenko Kitchen protein balls...actually watching Luke make them if I'm 100% honest!

DRINKING "Nothing But Apples" Nudie Apple but probably need to reduce my addiction to it!

WANTING to add a bunch of TOMS to my currently singular collection for Summer

LOOKING at a pile of washing that needs to be put away

PLAYING "Hurricane" by Ms Mr (you can play further down :)

WISHING that annual leave would come's just out of reach... *le sigh*

ENJOYING making a bunch of Sarah Wilson recipes to stock the freezer's hoping the motivation for this continues past week one haha

Posting on  Instagram ... @petitpixeldesign

Posting on Instagram... @petitpixeldesign

WAITING for Luke to come home from a work trip (by the time this posts he will be, yay!)

LIKING Infra Red saunas...a lot. I'm sleeping so much better since I started these

WONDERING if we'll get the thunderstorms predicted tonight...and why some people seem to be effortless plan-ahead-meal-planners yet I never seem to get there :)

LOVING a fresh notepad by Kikki K...mmm thick pile of empty pages, what will I write on you?!

HOPING that there's a new episode of Outlander just around the corner

NEEDING to go stretch some sore muscles

SMELLING wattle flowers which can only mean one thing...Spring is well and truly underway!

WEARING Bonds Scoop Neck new workout/around home fave

FOLLOWING My last follow on Instagram was @petitpippin by Ez Pudewa of Creature Comforts

NOTICING that it's slowly getting lighter after work...daylight savings is almost here 

THINKING about my sister and brother-in-law exploring Switzerland right now

OPENING the newest Show & Tell Online interviewee Kate Ceberano in a new tab

GIGGLING at Parks and Recreation...I've only just gotten on board... #latetothepartybutlovingit

FEELING like I never want to see a promo or episode of Big Brother ever again


  • We continued our tradition of meeting some friends somewhere between Ballarat and Bendigo for dinner, this time at Du Fermier in Trentham which was delicious and cosy...
  • I celebrated my birthday wandering around the countryside rummaging through stores jam packed with old wares, and sweet new finds (sharing these two stores in an upcoming post)...returning to room service in front of the fire and a movie :)
  • There was a Small Business Victoria event with the ever inspiring Clare Bowditch...needing to take her message of "just pick one thing and start" to heart
  • Much scribbling in notebooks and photo taking...foggy drives...and IKEA visits
  • And in between all that, the everyday-ness of work/laundry/gym/putting off taxes etc

Here's something I've starred recently in Spotify

What have you been up to? Do you meal plan or do you suck at it like me? :) If you have any tips and tricks I'd love to hear about them!

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