June Around Here

Purple gumboots, Nutella hot chocolates, dance routines, ridiculous selfies, Little May and mustard scarves...all part of June around here...

Things I have been pinning over at  Pinterest  recently...

Things I have been pinning over at Pinterest recently...

MAKING a downloadble print about my love of winter called "Winter is Coming"

COOKING a lot of slow cooked roasts and custard these day...comfort food time!

DRINKING Nutella Hot Chocolate! Had my first from Green Olive on the weekend...yum!!

WANTING a pair of gumboots like Elsie's in the above pic to splash around in

LOOKING forward to holidays...just booked them 5 mins ago...a home state road trip :))

PLAYING `Hide' by Little May (see link further down to play)

WASTING my hard earned $ on font collecting...I can't help it...I love them!!

WISHING that I could go back in time, watching Wonder Years after the school bus drop off whilst eating vegemite saladas and drinking Milo...those were the golden years of zero worries!

LOVING this simple alternative to wallpaper by Everything Emily

HOPING to get to bed early tonight and start reading Fete Press Winter...winter issues of anything are always the best issues (to me!)

Photos from  Instagram

Photos from Instagram

MARVELING at how much easier (and more secure) things are now that I finally got around to setting up 1Password...also made me realise how many sites I have logins for...and how MANY of them are stores. But seriously, investigate 1Password...with all these security breaches lately, it's another layer that gives you a little more peace of mind.

NEEDING more space on my desk...I'm so not good at packing up one project before I start another!

SMELLING not much at the moment, I seem to have lost my sense of smell and I don't have a cold or allergies...it's a bit weird actually

WEARING a giant mustard scarf from Zara in NYC that could almost classify as a blanket

FOLLOWING newest insta/pinterst follow is Vavoom Emporium...sooo pretty!

KNOWING that concentrating on taking things slowly and doing only one thing at a time feels so much better for me...and I think I achieve more as a result...starting to wonder if the whole "multi-tasking" approach that seems highly sought after is not the way to go after all

BOOKMARKING ...the last thing I sent to Pocket was this dance routine...amazeballs.

OPENING ...the last parcel I opened was something golf related that Luke sent to my P.O. Box. I got all excited because it had my name on it...but it was just boring old golf balls!

GIGGLING at the "I was raised by wolves" scene from The Office. LOVE this. 

FEELING like drinking lemon and honey drinks just because...I might go make one now!

Random photos that never made it to Instagram

Random photos that never made it to Instagram

LIFE LATELY ...has been cold and wet...but at the same time deliciously cosy and cocoon like. We're bundling ourselves up in scarves and taking Riley for long walks in the bush...tucking into slow roasted lamb pizzas...watching re-runs of The Office and playing with ideas of changes we could make to the house. I've been pulling ridiculous faces in the car whilst waiting to pick up Luke (see above...no excuse for that...but you can see the lumpy but sweet green scarf I made!)...messing around with watercolours and sketching with ink and making plans for a new blog series.  I also took two "in real life" classes recently...dumplings and pasta making...so much fun! AND discovered a beautiful little church turned cafe/restaurant off the freeway on the way to Melbourne where I had a lovely slow lunch next to an open fire with a friend one weekend not long ago. Can't wait to share about these things with you soon!

How is your winter (or summer depending on where you are!) going? :)

Click the link below to listen to Hide by Little May :)

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