April & May Around Here...

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, a cake garnished with rum balls (aka truffles)...hankering for a self crocheted snood...and hiking at dusk...otherwise known as April & May around here.

Pinning lately...

Pinning lately...

MAKING a print about my obsession with baking

COOKING with my sister...we invented a Coconut Rough Rum Ball Cake (see below!)

DRINKING not enough water...never enough! Does anyone else struggle with this?

WANTING to try out making my own pasta after my class last weekend!

LOOKING out over the city at dusk the other night after hiking to the top of a monster hill...watching the mist roll in over the twinkling lights, the spire of the cathedral and the cranes from the hospital construction...love this city :)

PLAYING lots of Spotify (and addicted to the game 2048!), shared my latest fave track below!

WASTING far too much spare change on the fundraising choccie frogs at work

SEWING ...I don't technically sew...I'm thinking of crocheting a snood, does that count?!

WISHING that I could make a living out of designing stuff whilst wearing pajamas :)

ENJOYING grey rainy days...and strangely, the cold!

WAITING for pay day so I can buy the Blog Life course from A Beautiful Mess!

LIKING my new off-road uggs ...walked the dog in them the other night...#trendsetting....not!

WONDERING if it's possible to sleep and not dream, I would like to be able to do that sometimes

LOVING catching up on a good zone-out audio book whilst sketching / cleaning 

HOPING that there is good news to come re: the Nigerian kidnapping story


Instagramming lately...

Instagramming lately...

MARVELING at how obsessed Riley is with his new bed, has turned into a massive sleepy head

NEEDING to paint the walls in this study...I have a whole re-decoration planned but I can't do it until I paint and list some stuff on Gumtree...the painting is the biggest hurdle for me!

SMELLING the forest after the rain...one of my all time favourite scents

WEARING my post-workout hoodie

FOLLOWING @becdouros (from The Block) on Instagram 

NOTICING how green and leafy it is on The High Line in NYC right now, want to go back!

KNOWING that time spent with sisters is unlike any other

THINKING that our dishwasher is really loud when I'm trying to write

BOOKMARKING this post from Dear Lizzy...constantly reminding myself of similar dot points

OPENING the tins that my Love Hate tights came in...such pretty packaging!

GIGGLING about the last episode of Friends With Better Lives

FEELING like snuggling under the doona & watching the sneak peek of the new Offspring ep

Life lately...

Life lately...

LIFE LATELY We went to Melbourne for the International Comedy Festival...a tradition that we've kept up most years (except for the years we're saving for a trip!). We saw Dave Hughes and he was awesome...an old favourite...will never tire of him and so glad to see him back in stand-up. I found my way to Pressed Juices in Howey Place after seeing a few pretty instagram posts. Such a good find...next time I need to do breakfast or lunch on the run in the city I'm totally grabbing one of their thicker smoothies as a healthy meal replacement :) I so badly wanted to go to La Petite Creperie, and even though we were walking past them late on Good Friday night, they were soooo busy (25 min wait!) that I had to let go of my Nutella crepe dream. Next time! We did make room for The Hardware Societe for an early breakfast though...with Easter Eggs instead of mini doughnuts...yum!

Listen to my latest starred track in Spotify here if you can't see it embedded below :) Would love to hear what you've been up to lately?

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