Easter Around Here...

The Easter long weekend is my favourite time of the year outside of Christmas.  The leaves are getting crunchy and the nights are cool enough for blankets...there's sugar a-plenty & no shortage of things to do...here's what we got up to :)


Riley enjoyed being the centre of attention with all the extra people around...and my sister and I worked on crafty projects for her wedding.


Luke went to the footy (twice!)...and my whole family came over for hot cross buns...and a detailed discussion of the game :)


Easter Eggs were consumed, and we took advantage of each having extra siblings in town by hitting up Bendigo for brunches, lunches, coffees & dinner. Bendigo goes nuts over Easter with a huge festival that includes multiple parades and all kinds of extra things happening. Sometimes we love being in the middle of it all...sometimes we love being cosy at home and listening to the fireworks etc from a distance :)


We finally got to try out Percy & Percy for breakfast...loved, can't wait to go back. We discovered all kinds of sweet details like complimentary choccie eggs, milk served in cow shaped jugs, tiny teddy teddie biscuits with coffees (incidentally they happily float in lattes) & doggie treats available for sale.


Also randomly walked past Cake Walk (how long has that been open?!) and couldn't resist buying a cupcake...


I stopped by Chancery Lane to check out the Enid Blyton book sale (thanks to El Gordo)...which had a cute little `soap box' for fans to stand on and read their favourite passage! Also checked out the Texture Exhibition at View Point Handmade Gallery.


A dose of real life...I pulled a muscle and caught a cold so I began the holiday snuggled under a blanket feeling a teensy bit miserable. I also can't stand being still & not working out...so I get a bit like a caged bear after a few days. This is me after 4 days of resting my leg...super stoked to be better again and headed out for a long walk to make up for all those Easter treats!

All in all, it was an awesome weekend because it included my most favourite things: chocolate, quality time with my family/sisters, crafty stuff, breakfasts out, watching of Friends re-runs, heaps of photo opportunities...and to finish it all off a day of downtime with Luke & Riley before heading back to work.  Hope you had a great break too :)

P.S. I finished Gone Girl...I didn't throw the book across the room at the end like some readers but I can understand why not everyone liked it. I would describe it as a twisted book with a twisted ending! If you're interested in reading...don't read more than the blurb online as there are many spoilers out there.

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