Long Weekend

My long weekend in photos. A mix of: Old Green Bean, the farmers' market, Justin Bieber, frozen yoghurts, Annie Leibovitz, and a dog who is partial to lizards.

Luke went away for a week for work and the first thing he wanted to do when he came home was head to Old Green Bean for a coffee...you can take the boy out of Bendigo, but not Bendigo out of the boy :) I wasn't about to argue.  Reading a letter from Phillipa Finch in Dumbo Feather...

Current breakfast of choice...eggs and bacon with avocado, chutney and fetta. This is the first time I took my proper SLR out to take the kind of random every day photos usually reserved for my iPhone. I was trying out my 50mm lens...much more conspicuous than a sneaky iPhone shot...but I love the depth of field so maybe I just need to get over that!

Next stop, local farmers' market. It was here I realised I'd make a rookie mistake and filled up on breakfast, leaving no room for the delicious crepes they were serving at the market.  Next time.

What I love most about the farmers' market (besides the food) is the people you run into...with the added bonus of it practically becoming an unofficial Twitter/Blogger Meet Up.  

I'm looking forward to the next one being scarf-worthy. There's something about farmers' markets that makes you feel like wearing boots and a pea coat..and you need to be cupping a steaming hot coffee in fingerless gloves as you wander from stall to stall. I know I will regret wishing for winter to hurry up, I'm sure of it, but for now I can't help but pine for layers :)

Went op-shopping (aka thrifting) with my sister.  I hardly ever do this these days (used to love it in high school) and all I ever see online are amazing vintage finds from random op shops...so I went out determined to discover some of my own.

My sister ended up coming home with a massive pile of books.  I bought a sweet little napkin with crocheted edges, and a copy of Gone Girl. This book is popping up everywhere lately and although I read the preview on my iPad, it didn't grab me at the time. There must be something to the buzz, so I figured a cheap pre-loved copy could give me more of a taste of it....so far not bad but I'm not 100% hooked. They tell me the ending results in some people throwing the book across the room. Will report back.

This was not one of the books my sister bought! Includes `60 cute stickers' for anyone with Bieber Fever...how can you go past that?! (we somehow managed to)

Frozen yoghurt to finish up. Have yet to stray from my favourite combo of pannacotta and pomegranate.  

Poor Mr-Riley-Bear didn't have the epic long weekend he had planned...tummy bug...probably from excess lizard consumption or similar. He actually didn't look sick when I took this photo, but knowing what was to come later...this was probably the start of it! Poor lizards who dare cross the border of our backyard in summer, they don't know the fate that awaits them :(

Watched and freaking-loved `Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens'.  Want her studio. Want her crazy talent.

I should not have thought Luke crazy for heading to the gym early on a public holiday, because he returned home with a tall Mocha from T'Hooft for me...love.

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