Loving Lately in Autumn...

The secrets of successful homemade caramel popcorn; a cosy Scandinavian home tour; how to letterpress with lace...just some of the things I'm loving lately in Autumn...

1. Frankie Mag's website pointed me towards this sweet homemade cake topper idea by Paper and Stitch. I love the handmade look of the lettering, and you know I don't disagree with the sentiment! Click through for step by step instructions. I'm going to use this on the next cake I bake and share here I think :)

2. 79 Ideas shared this gorgeous cosy Scandinavian home tour. The copper tones offset with pops of black and white where what caught my eye. Does everyone else have a random corner of a room that contains a bunch of wrapping paper rolls? I do, and it doesn't look nearly as chic as the `jumbled' corner in this home!

3. My ears pricked up when I heard that Garance Dore was partnering with one of my other favourites, Rifle Paper Co. I am itching to get my hands on this new range...most likely an iPhone cover. The one I bought when I was O/S has so far withstood my rough treatment of tech, and hasn't scratched or discoloured like my previous ones from eBay would do so quickly. Garance's quirky illustrations and lettering is going to make my decision difficult when it comes time to update!

4. I have a terrible record when it comes to keeping any kind of plants alive...my one remaining hope is succulents...yet to venture here. BUT, if I was...wouldn't Stella Atelier's little planters just be the the sweetest little pots to keep them in? I forget where I found out about her, but rumour has it anytime she adds new stock, it sells out super fast. I just love the expressions of the little faces.

5. The last time I tried to make homemade caramel popcorn...let's just say it wasn't a blog-worthy experience. But I clicked past this post by Creature Comforts and there are a bunch of helpful pointers which could mean my next batch is a success. Like using a thermometer...I don't know why I never thought of that....there's hope for me and caramelised popcorn yet! :)

6. Have just recently discovered the Creative Women's Circle website...loving their interviews...this one with Carla Hackett all about her Melbourne based studio Foxglove lettering. 

Lastly, this video by Dear Lizzy showing how to letterpress with lace is so pretty. I love the production just as much as I do anything letterpress related...a must watch!  

This post designed with elements from One Little Bird's "Stuck On You" :)