Loving Lately in November

A perfect mess...Laly's nest...a pink lagoon...Oh Joy...Lovisa likes to draw...and Corrin's pins...otherwise known as things I'm loving lately. This post was written listening to Anthropologie's To & From playlist..so if you have Spotify, feel free to play along :)


A Perfect Mess: Emma Leonard's Etsy store is so deliciously dreamy. This Melbourne chick has serious talent...I love taking the little thumbnails of her work and using them as my iPhone lock screen wallpaper. This print is called `A Perfect Mess'.

Laly's Nest: The always inspiring Pia Jane is in favour of the slow blogging movement...and delights in the handmade. She shares how she decorated her little one's room...the pieces that inspired her book...a space with room for creativity and the notion of whimsy :)  The stories behind the pieces she found and made are on the Country Style blog...such a beautiful read.

A Pink Lagoon: Steve Back's photography as shared by Black Eiffel...of Hutt Lagoon in Western Australia. I can't take my eyes off the way the different shades intersect...they almost look framed somehow...so freaking beautiful.

Oh Joy: I'm a sucker for any studio tour...and when the studio belongs to Oh Joy and the tour is detailed by Design Sponge...well let's just say that's a browser tab I'm going to linger over for many minutes! Joy collaborated with Emily Henderson and Samantha Gluck to achieve this seriously inspiring studio space...that has the added bonus of being child proofed for her gorgeous little wandering Ruby.  Enjoy! :) 

Lovisa Likes to Draw: Loving these sketch like pieces by Swedish illustrator Lovisa Burfitt...especially her travel series.  The combination of bold splashes of serious blank ink, with fine lines and pops of colour...so sweet. 

Corrin's Pins: I think I came across the Brooklyn store Patina (vintage furniture rentals) via the series of posts Hitched mag did about their visit to NYC. As you know, I can't get enough of NYC lately...so I found myself at their Pinterest page...particularly drawn to the board of pins that inspire Corrin.

Lastly...have been loving this collection of episodes and behind the scenes looks into the New York City Ballet...with interviews by Sarah Jessica Parker.  Especially this one about Dara who looks after all the shoes. Did you know they can wear out after just six hours of intense dancing?? No wonder she has such huge stockpiles! How refreshing to be able to access something like this without it being geo-blocked hey :)

Click through to access episodes and behind the scenes clips...

Click through to access episodes and behind the scenes clips...

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